vw diagnostics vag-com vcds dash lights on

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    FS $400 Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-USB+CAN UNLIMITED LICENSE Dallas, TX

    Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-USB + CAN with build-in VCDS license. Unlimited VINs. Used once. Ready to be used with the latest VCDS software that can be downloaded from Ross Tech web site. Check Ross-Tech web site for details and your vehicle compatibility. This is a must have tool for every VW/Audi...
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    Urgent help needed VW Scirocco

    Hello guys I have a vw scirocco which has the abs and stability control lights on, I need the lights out to see what the underlying problem is, I have changed loads of bits and need the car running asap If anyone has a vcds or vag-com and fancies helping out a vw owner north of Inverurie please...