1. sa3

    Pre-Facelift Power Folding Mirrors for A3?

    Hi All, So far I've been able to narrow down the mirror part numbers from this thread. I was able to find that the mirror body part numbers are: 8P2 858 531 L - 2003-2008 folding mirror bases Left & 8P2 858 532 L - 2003-2008 folding mirror bases Right. Now I just need to track down door modules...
  2. florio_s3

    StateSideS3's long overdue Picture/Build Thread

    I have been extremely lazy on ever starting a thread for my car. Figured I'd finally get around to it. This is the current state, ill play catch up at a later time, but for now hope you enjoy and love to hear any feed back and or criticism Cheers! It is a 2001 S3, originally AMK 1.8t Car was...
  3. M

    A3 3.2 remap advice and fuel talk

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there that had bothered remapping their vr6? I know the quoted gains are pretty poor, but I was considering it as my throttle response is a tad excitable, making pulling off at a reasonable speed a bit jerky.... Don't get me wrong, if I want to have...
  4. <tuffty/>

    My minor modding thread

    I have been applying subtle tweaks to my S3 since I bought it back in October 2008. I have not made a big thing about my tweaks as I like the sleeper appeal of a car looking pretty standard hiding all sorts of untold silly nonsense... My most public tweak to date has been my efforts to secure...