virtual cockpit

  1. S

    Facelift Virtual Cockpit RS Theme

    Hello, i have read about i can get the gauges (NOT Sport Mode) from S/RS Virtual Cockpit in a normal A3 (Sedan) by changing STG 17 Byte 2 vehicel derivat option in long coding. i have tried a bit arround but dont know what the right value is for RS. Has somebody done this before and can help me?
  2. wolfiebrah

    Is it possible to retrofit Virtual Cockpit to AUDI A3 E-TRON 8V 2015 3X S-LINE?

    Hi! I'd like to know if it's possible to retrofit to a 2015 AUDI A3 E-Tron a virtual cockpit with E-Tron modes (Battery Percentage etc etc.). And if yes how, or where I can get one VC for E-Tron. Thanks!
  3. E

    Retrofiting/Upgrading To Navigation Plus, Virtual Cluster, Center Screen Help

    Hello so i posted a while ago about a B8 but something didnt work out with that car and well now i have a 2017 Audi A4 Premium B9 which has a traditional analog guage cluster, a 7.0 inch screen and mmi without navigation. So i found a deal and bought a virtual cluster, 8.25 inch screen, and mmi...
  4. M

    WANTED Audi S3 with virtual cockpit

    Looking for a Audi S3 in blue or black under 43k mileage preferably 5 door may consider 4. Must haves: virtual cockpit B&O Auto Sensors looking to spend £22500 will consider other specs for right price but virtual is a must
  5. C

    New owner of A3 etron with questions (please)

    Hi there. I just purchased a used A3 Etron Sportback and I have poured over the manual, watched some tutorial videos, as well as played with a variety of settings/menu options and have 3 questions to start this dialogue. 1. Exterior Mirrors: I do not appear to have electronic or auto folding...
  6. Cushy

    bye bye google satellite overlay

    So, my google maps overlay stopped working this week, thought I could just call Audi UK to renew it, but they said they only have 12 month licences available, and the google services will be stopping in 2021 for pre 2018 cars. Anyone one else lost theirs yet? Is there way around it or an...
  7. A

    Issues after Virtual Cockpit retrofit

    Hi, I recently got the VC retrofit done on my 2015 A3 8V and it looks awesome! However lost the following functions: - Hill Hold Assist - Loss of bass (low compared to prior retrofitting) Would anyone know the cause of these losses? And how would I be able to regain these features? The...
  8. Victor.italy

    Facelift Hi

    Hello, I present my Audi a3 8v rest 2.0 190 hp ... I wanted to know if there were new useful encodings to have in the mmi plus or in the virtual? or maybe have the engine rpm with colors like rs? green yellow or red?
  9. audi s3 2015

    buying and innstalling vc into audi s3 2015?

    i have a question is there a possibillity to innstall vc into my audi s3 2015 ?? sorry for my english
  10. N

    A4 B9 Virtual Cockpit retrofitting

    Hello guys I'm new here andI've been looking into how to retrofit a Virtual Cockpit to an Audi A4 B9. All the threads are mostly for Audi A3 PFL/FL which I don't thinks that it helps me a lot. I know that I might need a few thinga to buy but I am willing to. If I ask nicely maybe @DJAlix , or...
  11. Kery

    Facelift Retrofitted RS3 Virtual cockpit ..

    Hello, all Did anyone activate the Torque and Speed disaply dial on retrofitted RS3 virtual cockpit? I mean not just displaying but full functioing. I've searched answers for this in all around internet, but i never found it actually worked for A3 or S3... But i found this ...
  12. Hakan Kilic

    S5/RS5 Speedo on A5??

    Hey guys, I believe the virtual cockpit is standard with s5/rs5, I have this option on my a5 but was wondering if it is possible to code in the cockpit styling on the other models. I think you can have the speedo and rev in the middle while having maps on the left and media on the right. I...
  13. Slowracer

    Facelift Reversing camera image on dashboard ?

    I spent the last 2 weeks driving a loaner my19 A4 and when I got back into my car it reminded how small and shi**ty the reversing camera image is on the MMI. On the TTRS the image is displayed on the virtual dash, does anyone know if it’s possible to code the reverse camera image on the RS3...
  14. hazzahex

    Enable Layout Setting in Virtual Cockpit on A3

    Hi, I have been playing around with the long coding on my 1.4COD A3 S-Line with Virtual Cockpit. I have been able to change the theme of the virtual cockpit by changing the vehicle variant from "1" to "5". This makes the boot animation the RS3 animation and the dials have a red one as well as...
  15. M

    New (First) S3 Order: Virtual Cockpit???

    I ordered my first Audi S3 a couple of weeks ago with the following spec: S3 Saloon, S Tronic, Black Edition, Mythos Black, 19" 5-V spoke alloys in matt titanium I have since been kinda regretting not adding the tech pack with virtual cockpit. I called Audi on Friday to see if I could add this...
  16. christoph7r

    Facelift Virtual Cockpit Standard Dials

    I've seen this pop up a couple of times on the forum and i was wondering about it too when i first collected my S3, it's the standard dials on the Virtual Cockpit, when you first collect the car and switch it on, you're given two views, one with the Sport Dial (Large centre dial) and the...
  17. skybluedave

    Virtual Cockpit - Speed Limit Info

    Hi, I have the technology pack in my Sport with the Virtual Cockpit and have noticed that the speed limit indicator only seems to be on the bottom right of the map on the central tablet screen but not anywhere on the virtual cockpit map. Is there anyway to get it to display on there? Thanks