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    Enabling Audi Sound System

    Hi, I have retrofitted the Audi Sound System sub and centre speaker to my 8V PFL and I have coded them in using my genuine copy of VCDS. However, I can’t see the sub controls in my MMI and I have been told that I also need to upload a profile using VCP to complete the retrofit. Is there...
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    VCP owner required near me East London??

    Hello everyone, I have recently used VCDs to enable and configure adaptions for TSR my Audi A7 2015 face-lift with MIB2. The car has advanced tech pack, ACC with presense, Lane/side assist. Having followed a well written guide to make sure I have the correct parts etc, I was able to complete...
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    Front camera recall

    Hi all, Can anyone who has had the front camera recall done and has access to VCDS/VCP take a screen grab of the details showing the software version and programming dates please. I have a dealer claiming the update has been done but I have my doubts!