1. RAG


    Hi All, I hope you're all having a great weekend. I have now had my car scanned and have attached the full report done with ODIS by VW. I have a few faults come up and hoped some of you may be able to shed light on them please. Some of these I was aware of prior to the scan and are symptoms...
  2. T

    No communication with CAN Gateway after RNS-E Coding Attempt

    Hey guys/girls, A friend has a 2010 A3 2.0 TDI Quattro and asked for my help coding in his recently fitted RNS-E. Unfortunately I've ticked a box or changed a number that has stopped the CAN Gateway working. Auto Scan no longer works, it just scans the CAN Gateway and tells me that there's no...
  3. asmetana

    A3 8V Park Assist Front & Rear Retrofit?

    Wondering if anyone has documented the park assist retrofit? I bought the full kit with color matched sensors and the instructions are a lacking in detail, namely in the electrical connections. I'm hoping that someone else has been through it and might be able to provide some insight, namely...
  4. kmx_200

    A3 8V VCDS / VAG-COM Easy mods

    Beginner to VCDS / VAG-COM looking for some info: I would like to get some mods done on my S-Line A3 8V 2013 Mods I am looking at are: Turning on the DRLs when I lock / unlock the car (for a short duration) Enable Video in Motion They sound like quite simple mods to me ?? And any other...
  5. P

    Going mad with rear lid/hatch door lock

    Hello, I have a problem with the rear hatch/lid on A3 8P MY2004. To cut this short, here are some facts: - to open the rear hatch, I have to press the middle button on my key fob and hold it for a few sec - I cannot open the door with the button underneath the licence plate lights - the...
  6. laudavis

    A3 Glow Plug Warning Light VCDS Near Cheltenham/Bristol/Birmingham

    Hi Everyone A couple of weeks ago, i was driving my 60 plate - Automatic A3 8P down a dual carriageway and the glow plug light started flashing, i didn't experience any drop in power but it constantly flashed. I stopped and let it cool down for about 3 hours as was out for the evening and then...
  7. Brady1981

    No Response to Module 10-Park/Steer Assist?

    Hi Guys, looking for a bit of help here. I've been using the tips on the forum to change a few settings on the car (A3 1.8 TFSI 2013 8V). I have managed to add the wiper sweep and passenger mirror tilt, but I am having trouble accessing module 10 to turn on the MMI parking visual for the rear...
  8. M

    Exhaust flaps

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has opened the exhaust flaps through the VCDS? If so what are your thoughts? I have found when in dynamic mode, 2/3/4 gearsound drops off until around 4,000rpm and then loud again. But first gear is quiet loud through whole rpm range. I have the performance...
  9. M

    VCDS Service Reset

    Hi, Anyone know how to reset the "next service" days (see attached image) value via VCDS? Thanks, Mark
  10. S

    3,2 FSI Chain Timing - VCDS expert help

    Hi guys! First of all I want to thank you for this amazing forum, I've read a lot about this particular car and this problem. So I bought this car with a rattle sound coming from the upper tensioner. We replaced all the chains and all the tensioners of the car (engine out job) and everything...