1. N

    ENABLE Passenger Airbag Light with VCDS

    Hi all, I’ve recently picked up a 2010 A3 and I’m having fun trying to add in as many ‘missing’ features that I can. I’ve successfully added TPMS (thanks to this forum and a fortunate ABS module) and am getting around to installing the buttons on the centre console. While doing all of this, I...
  2. 8

    Airbag Light

    Had this fault for a while now. Just getting round to fixing it due to the mot coming up. Initially this was the fault code. Address 15: Airbags Labels: 8H0-959-655-94.lbl Part No SW: 8H0 959 655 E HW: 8H0 959 655 E Component: Airbag 9.42 H09 1840 Revision: 92H09184...
  3. ScottFree

    VCDS Motherwell Scotland Help

    My dad brought himself an A4 B8 2.0 tdi only days ago and it had died on him,will crank over but not start,The cheap odb2 code reader isn’t doing any good,the car can drive so if anyone is local to Motherwell and can do a VCDS reading and help him out there’s £50 in it for them,the car doesn’t...
  4. Alec97

    Audi S3 8V Facelift S-Tronic Reset VCDS

    Hi All, Is anybody able to perform a reset on my box for me ? gear changes are getting really jolty now. Has anyone had experience in doing this before ? Nice one! Alec
  5. KLBC

    Coming home lights, main beams?

    Has anyone got any experience on this? I have the coming home lights feauture on my S4 but it turns on the fogs which I cant stand! Is there anyway to change this to my dipped beams so they come on when unlocking and turn off roughly 3-5 seconds after locking? Is it a VCDS job or changing...
  6. KLBC

    Anyone with VCDS in the Wakefield / Leeds area?

    Hi guys, As title says is there anyone with VCDS in the area im in? Id love to plug it in and check for faults etc and to see what I could change to my car but mainly to figure out the fault codes. Obviously id pay you for your time and knowledge unless your a very very generous person! lol...
  7. Yasin M

    FAULT CODES - Stress / Check Engine Light

    Ok so first before I get shot down, I've tried looking for an existing thread. P023A00 - Intermittent - Air Cooler Coolant Pump Control Circuit Open P210000 - Intermittent - Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Open (TACM) P067400 - Static - Cylinder #4...
  8. A

    (VCDS) Difference in Boost Pressure: specified VS actual?

    Hi guys, I did my first data-logging last night with VCDS. One thing that I see is that "Boost Pressure (specified) mbar" is different from "Boost Pressure (actual) mbar". For example, at 6040 RPM specified boost is 2130 mbar, but actual boost reads at 1850 mbar. I don't have a known healthy...
  9. hazzahex

    Enable Layout Setting in Virtual Cockpit on A3

    Hi, I have been playing around with the long coding on my 1.4COD A3 S-Line with Virtual Cockpit. I have been able to change the theme of the virtual cockpit by changing the vehicle variant from "1" to "5". This makes the boot animation the RS3 animation and the dials have a red one as well as...
  10. 8

    Airbag Light Help

    Decided to sort out my airbag light now the mot is coming up. I wondering if anyone had any experience in this fault code? Do i need a new module or is some wiring some where playing havoc with it? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  11. TakeItApart

    1 Fault Found

    I recently installed a set of leather heated seats in my Audi A3 8V 2015. The seats went in without a problem. I noticed they had an extra connector which turned out to be for heaters within the seats. As I'm sure many of you will appreciate, having an unused connector hanging around under the...
  12. M

    Anyone with VCDS in Birmingham

    Hi, Is there anyone available to check my headligts with VCDS in or around Birmingham. Thanks
  13. Wing Lun

    Budget BUT practical mods

    I've owned my Audi A3 Sportback Diesel 2.0 (2015) just over a month now, and I really like the car in all aspects. Previously I drove a VW Polo 6R, and I'm sure for anyone it is quite an upgrade! Although, I told myself I would not modify my new car, look at what happened haha :yahoo: I don't...
  14. K

    Bluetooth coding problems

    Hello, Can someone help please ? Bought A4 B8 2009. It has got concert 3 radio (no MMI) and was originally without bluetooth. Big colour LCD on dashboard. got TEL button on radio and buttons on steering wheel. I've bought this wiring from ebay...
  15. M

    How to get speedo & trip computer recalibrated for bigger alloys - definitive answer?

    Hi, So I upgraded from 16" alloys and 255/55 tyres to 18" with 225/40 tyres. Not a huge difference in size really but my trip computer is being pretty weird, telling me I have 325 miles in my tank when it only ever used to say 310 on a full tank with the old alloys on. Also I've noticed that I...
  16. Hender

    Power Steering / ABS dash lights

    Hi everyone. Our 2007 2.0tfsi 8p started lighting up the dash with errors. I have both VCDS and also a bluetooth dongle with Carista on my phone. Carista started reporting the following: Typed out for the benefit of anyone searching for these codes having a similar issue: P0441 00287 00778...
  17. G

    ABS coding for ACC+Lane Assist

    Hi Can someone help me regarding this codification I have a A3 8V 1.6 TDI and i have retrofited ACC and side assist My problem is the address 3 (brakes) i must config for those elements and i can't get it working This is my config 12F162A224240A6D017B060241C82548462450806082A4F2024100788008 and...
  18. LukeG

    Couple of quirks, possible CCM?

    Hi all, I have been lurking on the forums for a few months now and finally got around to buying my first Audi at the weekend. It's a 2005 A4 B7 avant with an S3 engine conversion. Drives really well and I love the car however there are a few quirks that are giving the car a little bit of...
  19. Joakimeg

    CAN-bus problem

    Hello, I wanted to code in AUX in my Audi A3 tfsi 8P 2005. When I connect the VCDS I can not connect to the specific modules. For some reason the auto-trans works...? The error message is: ""No response from controller" I managed to connect to the navi (37) for some seconds, but now I am...
  20. J

    OBDEleven - Newcastle Area

    Just taking a shot in the dark here, but does anyone happen to have OBDEleven in the Newcastle area and is willing to give me a hand? I'm happy to donate some beer token!