1. Z

    Audi A4 B8 1.8T Cruise Control VCDS

    Hi I'm new to this forum, i have a Audi A4 B8 2009 1.8T. I have purchased cruise control which i have installed but i am not able to activate it as i purchased a £5 OBDII port from ebayso i can only use VCDS Lite which after some research i realise does not work for my model. Digging abit...
  2. xkieron99x

    Air con help

    So for the first time this year I used the air con in my car, no faults indicated on the climate control unit or shown on vcds, so i topped up with refrigerated keeping the pressure between 30-40 psi. After the auxiliary fan kicked in for about 20-30 seconds it turns off and econ mode kicked in...
  3. C

    Too many errors after flat battery / disconnected BCM2. Help needed

    Hello, I recently had made my BCM2 module dead, when updating SW through ODIS, I didnt mentioned secret button made by previous owner and "luckily" during the update, it cut off power and CAN to half of units. Which actually bricked my BCM2. Thats OK, I was able to fix it but during my tries...
  4. M

    Cruise Control Retrofit Coding

    Hi Guys. I recently retrofitted cruise control To my A3 8V Sline. Ive tried coding it with my VCDS to the two modules (Steering wheel And Instruments) but when i try to code it into my engine module it throws up a glow plug light on my dash and the comes up as a fault code, ive tried many little...
  5. P

    MMI stuck on splash screen

    My Audi a5 Sportback MMI is stuck on the below screen after 10 sec or so the screen goes black, I ran a vcds scan and the below errors show up I'm not to sure how to interpret those errors. can anybody help things I've tried fully charging battery disconnecting amp, the head unit stripping the...
  6. Christoffer

    VCDS Coding Button functions

    Hi, Is it possible to change the action of physical buttons on a 2019 A3? I would like to change the function of the Phone button to select CarPlay instead of bluetooth Phone. Best Regards
  7. A5Jonny

    2019 A1 Competition Line

    Hi guys! Collecting my new A1 on Wednesday and as it was a stock car it didnt have parking plus kitted. Anybody know anyway of using VCDS to enable the display for the standard rear sensors? Or any other VCDS mods for that matter?
  8. N

    2010 ABS Plug TPMS Location...?

    Hey, I'm trying to locate what pin on the ABS module the 12V switched line from the TPMS dash button should be wired to? I've followed the steps located here, but the pins that are suggested for use on the ABS plug (27 or 41) are not correct for my 8P (NAR MY2010 2.0T). I've already completed...
  9. dacm

    Cruise control coding issue

    Hi All, I've read all the guides and info available here on cruise control and DIS retrofitting, and I went ahead and did it myself today. I'm having trouble with the coding portion of the process unfortunately, and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. The problem occurs during the...
  10. A

    Installing new door controllers

    hi all, I have a 64 plate Q5 and I’m installing folding mirrors. My door controllers need upgrading, I have the new ones. I just wanted to ask if anyone can point me in the right direction of how to code the new controllers to the car? Thanks in advance for any help
  11. ConorA3

    VAG COM - Lap timers, boost and needle sweep

    Hi guys, I found a video today that someone did the following Lap timers, boost and needle sweep on a 2004 a3 8p. I've found a video for 2008+ (mine is a 2006) as the guy was charging for the information. Would it work?
  12. E

    Vcds coding help

    Anyone know the coding to activate Auto lights ? Led light package ? Auto folding mirrors ? As I have retrofitted all these just need the codes for my mate to change please Willing to pay of needs be
  13. xkieron99x

    EGR Fault advice

    So yesterday i got this egr fault 005123 - EGR System P1403 - 008 - Regulation Deviation - MIL ON Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 11101000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Frequency: 2 Reset counter...
  14. S

    IMV and DRV calibration/Adaption

    Anyone know the procedure for adapting new Inlet metering valve and rail pressure valve with VCDS? I’ve looked for half an hour and have no idea.
  15. D

    Audi S3 8l Pressure drop between turbo and TB !?!

    Hi guys. I have S3 8l 2001 AMK .. There is a problem which I cant handle with .. The car is still stock , and I have a boost loss , what I mean is that .. When I start to accelerate hard it has no problems , the boost gauge shows like 0.7 bar's of boost , but when I took my foot of the...
  16. A

    A4 Cabriolet B7 Roof Remote Key

    Hello Everyone, I am new on this forum and I drive an A4 Cabriolet B7 (2007 reg). I want to know If anyone has got the adaptation value for the VCDs to program the roof to open with the remote key, or if the only way to have that installed is with an extra module?
  17. E

    Help with coding

    Hi new member just wanting help with coding for some optional extras I have retrofitted on my 2014 Audi A3 2.0 tdi Auto wiper and lights wipers work fine with new sensor but the auto light switch doesn’t work does anyone know the coding that need Changing ? And I have fitted led interior...
  18. M

    Front camera recall

    Hi all, Can anyone who has had the front camera recall done and has access to VCDS/VCP take a screen grab of the details showing the software version and programming dates please. I have a dealer claiming the update has been done but I have my doubts!
  19. TomBlueS3

    VCDS Map - How long?

    Morning :) I was just wondering from point of application to being added to the map, how long does it generally take? Thanks!
  20. Invicta

    Rear Indicators Flashing with DRLs VCDS Coding?

    Hi, just hoping to see if anyone has the coding for this? An example of it in use is here: I've had a look around and on a couple of websites to no avail, hoping someone can point me in the direction, possibly @DJAlix ? I've already found the coding for the fronts to be like this but can't...