1. M

    A3 1.8tfsi cranks but wont start

    my a3 wont start, last time i drove it it stopped and didnt started again. after a couple days i bought a Vagcom and did a scan, got a lot of codes, most of them caused by a low battery now i bought another battery and it still doesnt start, just cranks but doesnt start. made another scan and...
  2. Bobwas4

    rectifying my coding problem

    Following me trying to enable rain closing in my rs3 8v fl to which I was completely unsuccessful and ended up buggering it up. I payed a visit to Vag Car Coding to rectify it using odis. within 10 minutes it was sorted. Alex definitely knows his stuff. He also recalibrated the mag ride as I...
  3. J


    Hi looking at buying a VCDS and wondering if you guys have any specific place you have bought them from and what cables are need any help appreciated, thanks
  4. Q

    Vagcom in Leeds/bradford

    Has any got a VCDS in the bradford Leeds areas? I need a scan of coding for the Headlight module.
  5. Doru Brad

    B7 CCM module part number and functions / restrictions

    Hello, I have a A4, B7 2008, 140HP (left side steering), sline, front power windows only. I recently swapped my CCM as power windows where not working anymore. I coded the new one using VCDS to the specs of the car (as the modules was from a UK car). All was OK except the back doors where not...
  6. TorqueyDale

    Audi A3 8P Power Folding Mirror Coding

    Afternoon All, This is my first thread, so bare with me if something is slightly wrong... During the lockdown period I have retrofitted power folding mirrors to my 5dr A3 8P SB. I have sourced and fitted all the necessary parts including the 'P' spec door modules. The next step of this little...
  7. N

    What’s wrong with my car? A3 8PA 2009 3dr 1.8 TFSI

    I have these lights on the dash, got the car scanned and it’s showing these error codes, on the dash the esp light, the abs, hand brake light and eml light are on. The esp, abs and handbrake lights all flash on and off.
  8. S

    2006 A6 3.2FSI - Throttle body adaption?

    So, I've been having throttle body troubles. It's been clicking and hammering, and making the car difficult to drive. I thought I might have messed it up, unplugging it to get to some bolts changing the camshaft control valves, so I tried running the adaption, or basic settings procedure in...
  9. C

    Need some assistance with my diagnostic - please (logs provided) :)

    Hello All I hope some people here can help me out as I like to do this myself than to leave with a garage who will probably just throw parts at it and do more guess work. Money is a little tight and I do like working on problems myself anyway. Brief history S3 2011, CDL Engine, DSG 6 speed...
  10. Victor.italy

    Facelift Hi

    Hello, I present my Audi a3 8v rest 2.0 190 hp ... I wanted to know if there were new useful encodings to have in the mmi plus or in the virtual? or maybe have the engine rpm with colors like rs? green yellow or red?
  11. Alex TT

    2016 TT Roadster parking senor without visual aid

    Hi all, bought a TT on the weekend but didn't realise it doesn't show you the distance or anything to the object that's causing the beeping. I've seen I can change the beep volume but can't see anywhere to turn the visual on in the settings and I've read on here you need to add code with the...
  12. L

    Needle sweep and boost gauge

    Ive just had the white dis clocks fitted and coded to my 07 plate 2tdi. Looks so much better and everythings working as it should but been told my clocks dont support the sweep. They came out of a 60 something plate car and i remember him sayinv they was hard to do because of the micronas? Any...
  13. Alex TT

    TT TFSI S Line 2016 Parking MMI Visual

    Hi all, bought a TT today but didn't realise it doesn't show you the distance or anything to the object that's causing the beeping. I've seen I can change the beep volume but can't see anywhere to turn the visual on in the settings and I've read on here you need to add code with the vcds so...
  14. P

    Looking for someone with VCDS

    Hi, looking for someone with VCDS to help me with some fault lights currently on the dash. Based in Bracknell Berkshire, any help would be really appreciated! Thanks Phil
  15. L

    Speedo upgrade

    Can the white led clocks with mfd from roughly a 61 plate be fitted into a 07 plate with out the mfd? I have vcds if need coding
  16. james321

    New to VCDS, look for ideas of things to do

    Hi all, I have recently bought an A3 Saloon Quattro (2015) along with also buying a VCDS kit to make some changes to it. I have currently installed the following: Digital Speedo in DIS A3 logo in start up Gauge (Needle) Test Lane Change Lights to flash 4 times Reverse lights brightness to...
  17. Can Akaltun

    Need Help! retro fitting lane assist for 2018 A3 8v Facelift Cabriolet

    I want to retrofit lane assist to my car. i have bought the camera 3Q0 980 654 G. i have bought the steering wheel column which supports lane assist and acc. (ACC will be future upgrade) for all these upgrades i have agreed with a local vag center. they are really the best in Turkey. they...
  18. Blatzvid

    Need help! Retrofix Xenon

    Hello Everyone, I’ve decided to retrofit my ‘05 8P from Halogen to Xenon Headlights. I’ve read from many posts but im not sure if what it want is possible so here I am to ask: I want to: Buy xenon headlights (not bi-xenon) like OEM from a normal shop like Autodoc Use aftermarket bulbs and...
  19. y15usf

    How to start up in vehicle diagnostics

    Hi Guys, I wanna start up in the world of vehicle programming, tech etc. I have so far invested in a VCDS but find it quite useless when it comes to other cars. I wanted to know what tools you guys would recommended that covers a wide ranges of vehicles, give me advanced features like...
  20. D

    FS $400 Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-USB+CAN UNLIMITED LICENSE Dallas, TX

    Genuine Ross-Tech Hex-USB + CAN with build-in VCDS license. Unlimited VINs. Used once. Ready to be used with the latest VCDS software that can be downloaded from Ross Tech web site. Check Ross-Tech web site for details and your vehicle compatibility. This is a must have tool for every VW/Audi...