vcds coding

  1. 0

    2010 Audi a3 8p headlightt leveler

    Hi I have a problem with my headlight leveler on my a3 8p checked vcds it says Headlight range leveller defective can I code it out using VCDS so the sign doesn't come up on dash Any advise..
  2. S

    Audi A5 2012

    I have a 2012 Audi A5 that was recently crashed. Somebody put the old front end on it with the older headlights on. I have warnings on the dash saying about auto lights not working and when headlights are switched on they flash continuously so I think they need to be coded as I’m told. I’m in...
  3. Audi98

    Cruise control retrofit

    Hi is anyone able to code in Cruise control in a 2010 Audi A3 in the W Midlands area?
  4. facte

    HVAC Showing Wrong Side on Screen

    Hi, new to the forum and VCDS. I've just bought a D3 A8 and it seems that the air con controls have been replaced with a LHD version. I'm in the UK and turning the dial on the drivers side displays as passenger on the screen. I have VCDS, but don't know how to update the module to know it's a...
  5. Q

    Vagcom in Leeds/bradford

    Has any got a VCDS in the bradford Leeds areas? I need a scan of coding for the Headlight module.
  6. TorqueyDale

    Audi A3 8P Power Folding Mirror Coding

    Afternoon All, This is my first thread, so bare with me if something is slightly wrong... During the lockdown period I have retrofitted power folding mirrors to my 5dr A3 8P SB. I have sourced and fitted all the necessary parts including the 'P' spec door modules. The next step of this little...
  7. R

    Audi S3 8V FL

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has the lightning channels for the Audi S3 8v FL cheers
  8. R

    VCDS HELP Audi S3 8V FL

    Hi I was wondering if anyone on here has the US spec DRL? So that the indicators stay on orange instead of white. and if so could I possibly get the coding please. thanks
  9. Damian Owen

    Close windows when locking car

    Hi guys, is it possible to get the windows to close when locking the car with the remote? I have just purchased VCDS, not that I have figured out how to program (code) things with it yet. Regards.
  10. james321

    New to VCDS, look for ideas of things to do

    Hi all, I have recently bought an A3 Saloon Quattro (2015) along with also buying a VCDS kit to make some changes to it. I have currently installed the following: Digital Speedo in DIS A3 logo in start up Gauge (Needle) Test Lane Change Lights to flash 4 times Reverse lights brightness to...
  11. ethers_4487

    Replaced gearbox

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help, I’ve recently replaced my manual KXX 6 speed gearbox mechanically it’s fine the garage done a fantastic job with that, the problem I’m having is the garage couldn’t get hold of a VCDS cable to code the new gearbox to the car. Is there anyone in the Merthyr...
  12. S

    Both Tail lights stopped working!! URGENT!!

    Audi A3 1.6 TDI 2011 Was trying to activate rear DRLs last night with VagCom and made a change and all of a sudden both my Rear taillights have stopped working and have gotten warning lights on dash. Rear indicators and brake lights working. Scan on VCDS says ‘000984 and 000985 - Open or Short...
  13. y15usf

    Starter guide to getting set up for VCDS

    Hi Guys, Looking to get into VCDS coding but wanted to know any strater tips and what kit I should buy. I want the tool that will allow me to modify code in the car to code in certain features or changes. Not a diagnostic tool to tell me issue and faults. What will I have to buy to get...
  14. Z

    Audi A4 B8 1.8T Cruise Control VCDS

    Hi I'm new to this forum, i have a Audi A4 B8 2009 1.8T. I have purchased cruise control which i have installed but i am not able to activate it as i purchased a £5 OBDII port from ebayso i can only use VCDS Lite which after some research i realise does not work for my model. Digging abit...
  15. leeoz

    B8 not accepting coding

    Hello, I have just picked up a 2010 B8 and wanted to enable the PDC display on the screen of the Symphony 3 that is fitted. found the process on here however when when we check the box and accept to update the coding the response is an Error 31. Dose this basically mean the coding is not possible?
  16. N

    2010 ABS Plug TPMS Location...?

    Hey, I'm trying to locate what pin on the ABS module the 12V switched line from the TPMS dash button should be wired to? I've followed the steps located here, but the pins that are suggested for use on the ABS plug (27 or 41) are not correct for my 8P (NAR MY2010 2.0T). I've already completed...
  17. A

    A4 Cabriolet B7 Roof Remote Key

    Hello Everyone, I am new on this forum and I drive an A4 Cabriolet B7 (2007 reg). I want to know If anyone has got the adaptation value for the VCDs to program the roof to open with the remote key, or if the only way to have that installed is with an extra module?
  18. E


    hi I’m new to using these forums And this is my First Audi It a A3 8v 2014 Tried to retrofit led light pack into my car I have Fitted both the front and rear dome lights and vanity mirror lights And door cards All the window switches work and Lights on them as well as the vanity lights...
  19. Steve M...

    Rear Parking Sensors VCDS Tweak...

    Hi Guys, I’ve just taken delivery of my NEW A3 30 Tdi Sportback S-line S-tronic and realised that the rear parking sensors don’t supply a visual from the MMI unit. I’ve seen from the forums that this can actually be achieved from a tweak by someone in the know. This was a quote from one of the...
  20. N

    ENABLE Passenger Airbag Light with VCDS

    Hi all, I’ve recently picked up a 2010 A3 and I’m having fun trying to add in as many ‘missing’ features that I can. I’ve successfully added TPMS (thanks to this forum and a fortunate ABS module) and am getting around to installing the buttons on the centre console. While doing all of this, I...