1. Diazro

    Speed Cameras

    Anyone tried to install the speed cameras from Pocket GPS World? Is it working for C8? I attached a video I just found on YouTube but not sure if applies to Audi A6 C8:
  2. A7Vorsprung

    Audi A7/A6 C8 50 tdi torque/gearbox software update

    We all know the horrible torque issue with the 50 tdi from Audi. It is dangerous on entering a roundabout and exiting a junction. Luckily I have received a call from Audi to bring the car to the dealership for a software update, that will resolves this issue. I can't wait to update you guys...
  3. J

    System Update/MMI Update

    Hi All, I have very recently joined the Audi club, by getting an A3 S line 2016, with virtual cockpit. First of all, I wanted to check if the MMI system was up to date and if not then update it if it is not on the latest version. I have had a look on here and other sites about doing this...
  4. C

    A3 1.5 19 plate advice please

    Hi I'm new here as am about to buy an a3 1.5 manual 19 plate with 8000 miles for my wife. Having a look on the net for problems to look out for I noticed a few common complaints with engine performance at low revs or cold causing kangarooing or stalling. Some customers not getting answers from...
  5. M

    How do i update my RNS-E Software version to 0650

    Ok, so I know this question has been answered probably a thousand times, but I read multiple posts and I am confused I installed my 32 pin BT Adapter behind my mk.1 unit today, but it doesn't show up in my CD/DVD Source menu. I know I need to have SW0650 in order for it to work, but I dont know...
  6. D

    Can anyone tell me the latest MMI software version for my car?

    I’ve got a facelift 2016 A6 Avant 2.0TDI Ultra, and it’s currently running: Software Version: RMC_EU_P16342 I was having a few issues with iPhone connectivity (showing as playing but not passing audio), and also every now and again, when unlocking at night the headlights would fail to...
  7. dzeta

    B9 Update RS Cockpit to 2020 facelift version

    Hi! Anyone thinks is possible somehow to update our cockpits to the new RS 2020 facelift versión? looks like a software thing right? From this: To this:
  8. K

    Out of date MMI maps. Help!

    Right, clever people... I have a 2013 A3 and the maps on it are **** - there’s roundabouts on there that were changed into a road 13 years ago!? The software is MSTD_EU_AU_P3151 and navigation is 8V0919866A 0021 ECE 2013. I literally have no idea what any of it means and didn’t know if anyone...
  9. Gulfb

    MMI Navigation plus 2009 S4 Avant

    A simple question I hope so please excuse, just bought a 2009 S4 and the sat nav disc is scratched and not reading, looking to get a replacement but can I purchase a newer version disc? Whilst asking any simple updates? Thanks.
  10. xkieron99x

    How to improve the performace on Andorid headunits running 7.1 or 5.1

    After recently buying a used xtrons 7.1 headunit, i wasn't 100% happy with the performance as sometimes it would lag and apps would crash the system, requiring a hard rest. this still presisted after using recovery tool to flash the stock rom, so after a couple of days researching room i choose...
  11. C

    AUDI AMI stuck in update loop / disturbs whole communication

    Guys, I would like to ask you. I have AMI in my A6 C6. How to flash AMI with the latest FW, when it just doesnt appear under SW update menu? It is stuck with some kind of strange flash menu loop, it disturbs even my radio (every few seconds, whole radio or CD stops playing for 1 sec, then...
  12. Northern_Monkey

    S3 LED Interior Lighting Pack

    Has anyone else found that their LED interior lighting pack has stopped working when the headlights are off? I’m absolutely sure they used before the following happened: I recently had a weird message come up on the MMI about changes to the sat nav that would affect postcodes etc. MMI then shut...
  13. Vampy11

    EGR Fault- Advice needed!

    Hi all, I've got a 2010 2.0 TDI A3 with approximately 33,000 on the clock. The other day I had the glow plug dash light start flashing while driving, the engine management light, and the car went into limp mode. A diagnostic check said it was an EGR fault, so I bought a can of Wynns EGR cleaner...
  14. S

    2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet GPS Update

    Hey All, I'm in the USA. I have a 2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet and I'd like to update the GPS to the latest version. The dealer quoted me $600 for it and online on the Audi website I see I can get it for $200. This seems quite ridiculous to me since its just a software update, there is no reason it...
  15. Nilz

    Navigation Map Update

    Hi guys, I did a search on the forum but couldn't really find any info. I just wanted to check what the latest version was and what the updates are on it. Also is there ways to update to this version and if so how? I checked on my car and this is what it came up with: Software version...
  16. I

    SD SatNav

    When my wife and I ordered our Audis in July 2014, we added SatNav. I've got the A3 Sline sportback, she's got the A1 Sport sportback, both with some toys. However I didn't get the tech pack.... The salesman told us that the SatNav came with five 'free' updates included in the cost which...
  17. viio

    How often does Audi update sat nav?

    Hi It's been about 2 ½ years since I updated the satnav on my MMI 2G Audi A6 when I used a 2013 (5.5.70) disc. However I don't want to buy a 2015/2016 disc if the 2016/2017 will be released soon. Does anyone know when (if any) new releases are coming for the MMI 2G high? Thanks!