1. D

    Aftermarket head unit

    I want to install kanewood head unit in my 2006 Audi A3 single din nonbose can please someone tell me what adapter do I need?
  2. Nathan Bailey

    Testing PD Injectors?

    Does anyone know how to test fuel injectors on a PD engine? They use Unit Injectors so you cannot do a leak back test. I have recently had them tested at a local garage and they tested the fuel return via the OBD using a laptop so does anyone know which program will show this sort of...
  3. A

    Help :( Water damage self inflicted problem.

    Hey all, thanks in advance for your help! Please don't tell me I am stupid because I already know I am :( I have managed to spill a drink onto the centre console. If your interested in knowing how I did this, I had a drink on the dash, and drove off forgetting it was there. It has appeared to...