1. Andy_M

    8P Sportback tyre confusion - 235/45/17

    Hi, I bought my 08 plate 2.0TDI Sportback in Feb and the time has come to replace the front tyres (the near-side needs doing especially as its more worn than I thought). The car currently has 235/45/17 all round (Bravuris tyres - not a brand I've heard of) and my plan was just to replace the...
  2. arcticrad

    choosing the correct tyre size for my B6

    i'm in the process of getting some tyres for my 18" wheels i just bought there 8.5 front 9.5 rear Et 42 and 40, what is the best tyre size to go with i was thinking 235/40 and 215/40, its sport suspension so not lowering it any more, not sure about spacers guess it will need them looking more...
  3. Jonathan Carling

    Best Tyres for a Quattro

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to replace the rear tyres on my A3 at the weekend although I'm tempted to replace all four as the front ones aren't far behind in condition. Currently got Continentals on which were on when I bought it last year. I don't do a lot of miles anymore so happy to go with a...
  4. Ajcman


    This thread has probably been done time and time again, but its not a sticky thread, or not that i could see. My back tyres are needing replaced soon, im currently running Goodyear eagle F1 assemetric 2 on all 4 wheels. Are they worth keeping or geting a better set. I've got a 2.0 TDI A3 any...