1. SM18

    A3 tyres

    hi Just wondering if Audi recommend a certain brand of tyre for a3? Or does anyone have any recommendations? 17” audi alloys.. Currently on Michelin’s
  2. NevMan

    10% off Michelin, Goodyear & Avon Tyres - today only!

    All, If in need of tyres, use FLASH10 at Blackcircles.com. Minimum 2 tyres to qualify This is valid for TODAY ONLY - 30th of July
  3. R

    New or Part Worn Tyres & where from? Also Wheel Tracking?

    Hi guys, I'm due to change my 2 front tyres. I usually go for branded part worn tyres for £25-30 each (plenty of thread). However I've seen some good deals posted online and more recently on HUKD for ATS. I can pick up 2 of the following for £105 (fully fitted, balanced with valve replace)...
  4. LeeDaviesS3

    Avon Tyres Anyone?

    My front's are ridiculously low, to the point I would be done if pulled, so time for 2 new tyres :) I have been on a few local sites and put my reg in and all seem to be coming back with good deals on Avon tyres. Now I have never heard of these myself but a guy at work has had them fitted to...
  5. Corb2000

    New tyres over sensitive to road surfaces

    I replaced my 2016 A7’s oem 20 inch Pirelli P zeros after 2 years / 31,000m with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R - identical spec, load & speed rating - after reading positive reviews of the Vredesteins and previous good experiences with the brand. After doing 1,000m or so on the Vredesteins I’ve...
  6. M

    Tyre prices?

    Hi Guys What sort of prices are people getting for 245/40 R18 Y Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117?
  7. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Tyre recommendation

    I am close to replacing my tyres across all corners, what are people's experiences or recommendations? Vehicle is an A4 quattro saloon, 2.0TFSI, manual, stage 1 APR; current wheels are factory 18s,
  8. M

    A3 8P - tyre advice

    I know there's a lot of threads on this but wanted to ask as a lot of them are fairly old. I've got new 18 x 7.5 alloys, so need a 225 40 R18. 215 would be better as that way it doesn't exceed the diameter of the current alloy and tyre, but 225 is only a 0.8% so not a big deal. Have Continental...
  9. dxl

    S5 Sportback Tyre Pressures

    Hi All, Finally went to check the tyre pressures today after driving with the tyre pressure warning for a few days. I have an S5 sportback with 255/35/R19/96Y tyres. The driver doors states 38psi fronts and 33 rears for normal load which seems a bit high? As I went to inflated them, they were...
  10. M

    Upgrading 16" alloys to 18" advice

    I found some great condition Ronal 5-spoke OEM alloys, 18", 7.5J for a really good price, from an A3 similar age to mine. I think the offset is ET43. I think they're known as 'fat fives'... They're the 5 spoke ones that came on lots of 2007 A3s anyway Now I'd prefer to go 17" as my car was I...
  11. M

    Saloon 2017 RS3 Saloon

    Hello RS3 owners I am a newbie with a 2017 RS3 Saloon. I am confused about tyre pressures and wonder what are the optimum tyre pressures (front and rear) I should be using in this current cold weather. Also any hints and tips on driving in snow and ice with the quatro? My previous car (Golf...
  12. CalA3

    Facelift 19 inch tyre recommendations? (235/35 R19)

    Hi Guys, I picked up my S3 in September and (somehow?) have done 11,000 miles since and I am shocked that the Pirelli tyres that it was delivered with are now in need of changing already. Has anyone else experienced such a short lifetime of this tyre? I previously had a 1.4 A3 with 18 inch...
  13. JayRS3

    RS3 8V PFL Aftermarket Rims and Spacers Squeak

    Hi All, New to the forum so please bare with me if I make a conduct mistake. I have looked around the forum for a problem related to mine but could not find anything. Here is my issue: 10 days ago I got my new rims fitted, however we had to put in 6mm spacers to make the rim clear the front...
  14. M

    Tyre Models RO1, AO etc

    I'm looking at some "Vredestein Ultrac Vorti 235/35 ZR19 91Y XL with FSL" tyres for my A4 and noticed that they have different versions some without any suffix and some marked RO1, AO. From what I have read RO1 is for the quattro, AO is just for Audi and ones without can go on anything. Do they...
  15. Rayner_1704

    Facelift S3 hankook tyres? Other options

    Hi everyone Just wanted to know what people think of the hankook tyres that come on the S3 ? Not my personal choice and after 1000miles I think they are awful not grippy poor in the wet and quick wearing by the looks. What tyres are people tuning instead I ran Goodyear Eagle f1 on my...
  16. Ajcman

    New tyres, which are good value?

    Hey guys and gallstones I'm looking for some new tyres for the front of my 2.0 Tdi A3 245/45/R18. Currently there GY Eagle f1 assymetric 2's and the backs are assymetric 3's. Is it worth going for 3's on the front to or go for something else? I enjoy the 2's more as they have that extra...
  17. J

    New tyres...

    Hey guys, So I'm taking my A3 in for its first health check on Saturday at Cardiff Audi and I suspect they may mention new tyres. I've had a look on the Audi website and put in my registration and found the suitable ones, and will most probably go for some Audi genuine Continental 18" tyres...
  18. MrVPinksB5

    Wheel and Tyre fitment

    I am looking to get some 18" 9.5j ET35 wheels.. anyone know if they will fit without rubbing and which tyres set up should I go for I am looking at set of 215/35/r18 but not quiet sure. Some advice would be greatly appreciated :wink::wink::wink:
  19. jonisginger

    4 new tyres = - 15% economy?

    Hi All, This looked like the best place to put this: looking for either advice or to put mind at rest. Replaced the standard Continental Contact Sport's the other day with 4x Goodyear Eagle F1s. They are 235/35/19s. The Continentals had about 2-3mm tread all round and it's getting cold and...
  20. Oggi

    18/19 Wheel Upgrade Queries

    Howzit, I'm considering replacing the standard 16 inch wheels (7Jx16 5x112 ET42 with 205/55/R16 91V tyres) on my Avant (130bhp FWD 1.9TDI) in the coming weeks. I'm still not sure whether to opt for 18 or 19s and not being too familiar with the process and all the measurements to factor in...