1. J

    HELP! If you can

    So I don’t know exactly what’s going on but after getting the timing chain job done. Now I start up my car and it hisses, some white smoke but that could be from sitting a while. I think it is turbo? Anyone know? Audi A3 weird sounds
  2. M

    Audi a4 b6 1.9 AVF turbo kick in

    Hello, my turbo has been completely refurbished, because my oil pipe burst… Is it normal for the car for example 4th gear 1400rpm full throttle you can feel a little kick in your seat and the car pick ups fast… i just want to be sure my turbo is working correctly… it pulls all the way to 4000...
  3. J


    Hello, so basically I got my 1.9 A3 diesel remapped yesterday. And last night the turbo died loads of white smoke out the exhaust and all the tell tale signs it was turbo. It sucked all the oil out and has thrown it up to the top of my engine, now the car won’t even start. Has anyone else had a...
  4. J

    A3 8P 2.0tdi Turbo (BKD PD140)

    Hi all, I’m new here. I have a 2008 A3 with the PD140 BKD engine in it. I’m starting to have the telltale signs of a dying turbo, so I want to replace it before it’s too late. I’ve found 4 options so far. Darksides Mellett Turbo for £378, Darksides Garrett Turbo for £570, a hybrid turbo from...
  5. M

    A4 B6 2.5 from 1000 to 2000rpm really slow

    Hi guys, i have a problem with my 2.5 tdi v6 From 1000rpm to 2000rpm when i floor on idle or whatever its so slow. I asked my friend mechanic, he said it could be a some vacuum leak. Did anyone had any problem like this? What could be a problem. But when turbo kicks in its okay then. And guys...
  6. A4 1.8T Quattro S-line

    A4 1.8T Quattro S-line

    My TQS 2004 190bhp I’ve just bought
  7. edgxxxr

    Turbo upgrade from K03S to K04

    Hello. My car is Audi A3 quattro1.8t (ARY), that is currently running a stage 1 tune. On the dyno sheet it is clear, that the engine could not hold the boost for long time. The guys at the dyno said it is probably a broken wastegate, but the issue could be anywhere in a turbo. Right now I am...
  8. T

    EFR 7163 on a RHD TTS

    Everywhere I look it says that there are issues with fitting a 7163 to a RHD TTS. I guess the steering shaft gets in the way but can’t be sure. If anyone here has done it and can let me know why there are “difficulties”that would be very handy, cheers
  9. Ed Miller

    ECU Stage 1 remap

    Hi All, I recently got an ECU stage 1 remap for my Audi A3 saloon. 2013 plate and it has done 53,000 miles. BHP went from 138 to 170, and torque from 250 to 300 - so about 20% increase. I won't name the company yet but they seem to be a big company, and part of what they call the 'Quantum...
  10. golfprince

    first steps for 200+ hp with an AGU

    Hi guys, I'm happy to say I've just became an owner of my first turbo car (1998 Mk4 GTI), it has an AGU engine thats why I'm posting on an Audi forum (same engine as the A3). I've done some research all over forums for what to do to get more power. I'm aiming for over 200 ill be happy with 215...
  11. L

    Difference between brd & bkd engine

    I have a bkd pd140 with a hybrid gt1756 Would this bolt on to my brd pd170? Are the heads different? Would the turbo cope?
  12. V

    Car lacks boost above 3,200RPM (3.0 TDI - CAPA)

    Hey there guys. So my car seems to be lacking any boost or push above 3,200RPM when doing a full throttle pull in third gear. It struggles to redline. I can hold it there in third with my foot to the floor down the dual carriage way and it just cannot do it. Lower down it comes on early and...
  13. hebdenwill

    loss, then return of turbo power 1.9tdi 2001 - what could it be?

    hello, I had a strange experience earlier today - while driving up a hill my power suddenly seemed to drop, and from that point the engine felt very sluggish - I realised that it was because the turbo wasn't doing what it should be! I was doing about 2500 revs on a moderate incline, hadn't been...
  14. Joody1

    Turbo upgrade ccza help!

    So, i am still getting my head around the ea888 ccza engine and the differences between this and the older tfsi. I know this is chain driven etc etc but been researching possible turbo upgrades as want to push it in rhe near future. Anyone be able to hep explain what is needed and what turbo...
  15. A

    Audi diesel turbo boost loss of performance

    Hi there, I have a 2005 3.0l diesel turbo Audi 4 Quattro that looses turbo boost from time to time when under load. When it does the glow light flashes and the performance is limited. When the car is restarted the glow light goes off and I have full power back. I have had our mechanic review the...
  16. R

    For Sale High reving any 5 valve kit

    Solid lifters and valve springs for making power at high rpm 9000+rpm. They'll work for any 5 valve engine, turbo, supercharged or naturally aspirated. You'll need additional components to achieve that rpm - mech cams, rods. I have a kit for 6 cylinders, you'll need additional for a V8 or less...
  17. R

    For Sale FS: New power steering pump V6 30valve A4 A6 A8 and turbo

    For the 2.4 2.8 2.7t and maybe others from B5 C5 chassis. Its new never been fitted. New around £450. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373199714763 Ideal for refreshing your late 90s soon to be classic.
  18. R

    For Sale Lots of V6 biturbo parts

    I used to be obsessed with these 10-15 years ago, which is about as long as most of these parts have been lying around. I used to collect unusual parts to customise how the car would run Let me know if you have a project v6 turbo land yacht S4, RS4, A6 or Passat and I will have something that...
  19. R

    For Sale Large port heads V6 turbo

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373178750494 Port size is 55.9mm Vs 40mm as in the pics
  20. R

    For Sale Rare RS4 2.7T inlet manifold injectors ebay

    I used to be a member on here years ago and I have genuine RS4 B5 and RS6 C5 parts that had been long forgotten about in the garage. Postage is available from the UK. These are genuine parts. I'm into V8's now so selling V6 parts. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373161345768