1. L

    Tuning EA113 engine with some old revision parts?

    Hi all, I recently seized conrods my 8J TTS, then i forged my CDL EA113 engine with a upgraded hybrid turbo. My concern is: While i am rebuilding my engine, i used 2005 A4 B7's BGB cylinder head and oil pump with balance shafts, all other parts are new and good, carefully rebuilt whole engine...
  2. C

    Audi A6 2008 3.0TDi ASB mod/upgrade/power increase??

    Hey there, saw many interesting posts here and im just curious. I have Audi A6 with 3.0TDi ASB engine, quattro, with 6-speed tiptronic 6HP19A I want to increase power, to be just nice daily car with enough power to speed up shortly on highway sometimes. My actual tune is around 305BHP on...
  3. Daggerit

    DTUK TCU+ gearbox flash review

    I thought that since I'd been running the gearbox tune from DTUK on my S4 for a while now I'd give some feedback so others can decide if it's a good option for them. Basically it feels like it's tightened up the gear shifts. Downshifts are significantly faster and therefore smoother and I've...
  4. AJ Jacob

    Stage 2 S3 8V

    Hey Guys, I wanted to know if anyone currently has a MRC stage 2 setup on their S3. If so I am trying to get some feedback before going down the route myself. I currently have a MTM box but wanted a bit more out of the car. So any feedback would be great. Thanks
  5. Ryan Lyes

    Boost pressure solenoid

    I'm looking into getting my S3 remapped in the next couple of weeks an was wondering if it's worth upgrading the boost pressure solenoid as I have a couple spare? Tia
  6. rcnacura

    So just add the IS38 and call it a day?

    So I keep looking at upgrading the turbo - because I can't stop messing/upgrading the car. Currently have the US Spec A3 2.0T Quattro IS20, but keep eyeing the IS38, but I can't really find much information confirming. Every place that sells it says its just a full bolt-on upgrade. However then...
  7. Jymbo7

    New Member. RS6 PE Mythos Black

    Hey all, Recently upgraded my RS4 B8 to the new RS6. Wow, slight improvment :worked till 5am:. New car lasted about 100km's before the stage 1 APR tune went on. Few weeks later went stage 2 with full milltek non resonated pipes. Lowered on H & R springs. (Will add some pictures tomorrow)...