1. I

    Wanted TT Mk2 (8J) black mirror caps (LY9B paint code)

    I'm looking for some black mirror caps to replace my carbon fibre ones. My car is black so will need to be genuine colour matched ones so they don't look odd. They must be in good condition with no damage (please provide pictures). I'm actually happy to do a straight swap with someone who wants...
  2. L

    New TTRS owner

    Hello guys, recently got myself a 2012 TTRS in white. The car itself looks mint, will post some photos soon. Coming from renaults - R26’s I don’t really have much Audi experience but..... Currently have a EML on for... 01056 - Catalyst System, Bank 1 l, Efficiency Below Threshold. once the...
  3. Alexander James

    Bonnet and Boot Ring Sizes?

    Hi All, Need a bit of help here, does anyone have the measurements for their bonnet and boot rings for their TT / TTS / TTRS? Need to know for all MK1 MK2 and MK3 if anyone has! Thanks!
  4. Shaun Osborne

    For Sale TT V6 18" wheels sale or swap

    For sale or swap 18s, 9j, 57.1 cb, 5x112. Tyres are 2 x good 2 x on limit Ideally want 19s with useable tyres.
  5. M


    Hi All, I am new to the forum and wanted to open a discussion about the different codes available for the TTRS (2013) 8J I am keen to find out if anyone has managed to code their side mirror to auto dip when selecting reverse gear? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Manny
  6. Ludez

    Ludez’s Mythos Black Project

    Hi guys, Figured I’d get a progress/project thread up as I tend to do with all my cars so I have somewhere to document the build and for anyone likeminded who may be interested. Picked up my car a couple of days before Christmas after waiting patiently for a car close to my ideal new spec...
  7. M

    2.5 TFSI on big turbo and low boost suggestions?

    Hi everyone. Just want to check your opinions about low boost (in terms of turbo max. output) on middle/bigger turbo (PT 5558 Gen2 pr PT5862 Gen2) compare to stock BW K16 Turbo in terms of fighting high EGT and overall temps (on any hybrid like TTE500 or Loba or even stock turbo if we get high...
  8. BradA3G

    HELP With RNS-E Retrofit

    I've recently got a RNS-E Unit from a TT RS, works fine apart from a few issues I've changed the coding in VCDS so it works properly, im still getting a RF Output ZF Short or Open Circut? I have read up and apparently, i need a certain cable or antenna to upgrade? as the RNS-E uses a more...
  9. Phenyl85

    Carbon brake cooling modification

    Hi guys, I just wanted to show you what I've been up to lately. I've made an carbon air scoop to provide the brakes with more air so they will be cooled better. Mainly the RS3 has this problem, but also the TTRS doesn't have the most perfect OEM brakes (understatement). In the pictures below...
  10. F

    New Brakes

    I've just been to check out my calipers. I have left them with Ant @ AP Automotive to have them refurbed and he is also supplying fitting kit, discs and pads. Just got to wait till the new year to have them fitted up!