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  1. T

    Flashing Traction Control light after 40k service@Audi

    Hi, I’m new to the group and have a plaguing traction problem with my 2017 TTS. It has a stage 1 ECU/TCU from Unicorn Motor Developments producing 376bhp. I purchased the car with maps already installed in 2021 and the car was rapid quick , the TC light barely ever flashed in the dry under...
  2. C

    Potential TT Purchase - Advice

    Hi I have been looking for a while at getting a TT as a change from my 10 year old A3 (which has been a cracking car). I have found one locally with a pretty decent spec (which I have put a deposit on) and have been working on deal with the garage - have almost got them to £18k for the car...
  3. C

    TT Mk3 Roadster spoiler leak

    I'm having a problem with my TT roadster, i wonder if someone else had the same issue and how did you get around it? Water leaks in through the spoiler into the registration plate lights. the leak was not noticeable until the plate lights failed - took about 3+years for this to happen! I've...
  4. Calum Kerns

    Audi TT Roadster Ultra Sport - Dynamic Indicator Activation?

    I have just purchased a MK3 TT Roadster Ultra Sport and didn't realise this model came WITHOUT the dynamic indicators seen on other MK3 TT models. Does anyone know if there is anyway (coding/ activation) to enable this features on my model? Is this possible? Thanks!
  5. J

    Leasing new Audi TT Roadster. Need advice!

    Hi everyone, First post on the forum and looking for some advice on a brand new TT Roadster 1.8 sport with metallic monsoon grey with the Audi sound system upgrade. Total cost is 6+35 at £308 inc. vat on a personal lease on 9000 miles pa I'm 23 next month and will have 5 years no claims (touch...