1. A

    Mobile interior expert

    Good morning, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I'm new here and am a bit lost :grumpy: I own a 09 A3 sportback TDi and i have just purchased a 11 S3 sportback. i am about to sell my A3 but I've noticed a few things i would like swapped from the 2 cars ASAP before selling next week...
  2. R

    Trim left hand door

    Good evening Based in Spain so left hand drive but i am looking for the Black triangular Trim in the front corner of the door. The one hiding the wiring for the mirror. Any chance where i could find it? Photo attached Thank you
  3. TheJuanAndOnly

    Red Engine Cover?

    I've seen a few pics on here now of some red engine trim/covers, are these buyable or have they just been made custom by the individuals?
  4. Jay_78

    Passenger Fog Light Grille Surround

    Hi All, I am trying to find a replacement grille surround for passenger side fog light on my Audi A4 Avant. I have the ones with chrome surround around fog light. Have been looking online but practically everything I see is from China which leaves me a bit sceptical of quality/fitment etc. Can...
  5. Jiggsy Jnr

    Centre Console MMI replacement help?

    Morning all! I'm looking to replace the centre console control part on my Audi A3. (See attached photo, its the section that has been damaged on the left hand side) Audi A3 (16) S-tronic S-Line 3 Door I have damaged the veneer of the centre console, I have explored wrapping and plasti-dip but...
  6. SM18

    Aluminium window trim

    hi all, Got a 5 door a3 8v shape, on the passenger side you’ve got the rear quarter window, the Ali trim at the bottom is about 8 inches long and as it curles round and goes up towards the roof it’s pinged up, I can see a clip is still attached to the trim. I’ve tried glueing it down but...
  7. Ike

    rear (upper) boot trim removal?

    hi, i'm trying to remove the upper boot trim on my s3 (2007) today to install a number plate holder camera unit wotsit. i've removed the two torx screws but cant get the thing off. i found a post on another website that say just yank it, get your fingers in and it pulls off from the spring...
  8. festuc

    Facelift Inlays / Trim - Alu Ilumintated or CF...

    Hello, Anyone has photos of the inlays? I wanted to get the Carbon fiber ones, but it seems that only the Aluminium Race are iluminated plus they are a lot cheaper. Thanks!
  9. G20NEN

    Project Headliner

    Hey guys Got a project i want to do and put fiber optic lighting in the headliner basically, have the kit ready just need some guidance/help on how to remove the headliner because it seems solid and tricky Car is a 2012 Audi A7 3.0 V6 Sline Quattro Much appreciated
  10. B

    Rear dashcam cable routing in an S3 (2006)

    Hi I’m looking to install a two camera dash-cam system in my 2006 S3. The car is immaculate, it’s my pride and joy, so don’t want to: a] have unsightly cables b] mess to things up :) I’ve had a poke around here, and on the web generally for some instructions/advice, can’t find anything that...
  11. B

    Best way to turn chrome exterior trims black? Carbon Fibre Mods?

    Gents, me again. Looking to turn the chrome trims black. Any suggestions and is it possible to do a good job yourself? A guy with an S7, RAF_7, has done some spectacular mods to his S7 by turning his chrome black but would like some RS6 owners experience and advice. Are the trims riveted on...
  12. M

    Fitting 2-channel dashcam. How do I remove Sportback boot trim?

    I've done a few searches but can't find any how-tos... I'm looking at fitting my new 2-channel dashcam in the next few days and wondered if anyone knows how to remove the boot lid trim. I want to use the rubber conduit to keep the install as discrete as possible. I know I have to unscrew two...
  13. Ajcman

    A4 foglight trims fit A3?

    Hello again, Im browsing for stuff for the car and I spot these bad boys... They are for an A4 2009 - 2011 standard bumper But I have a 2011 A3 Sline, Would they fit in there place? see attached for a pic of A3