traffic jam assist

  1. E

    Active Lane Assist not working ?

    Recently bought a new S4 (2020 model). I have the 'Driver Assistance Pack Tour'. The 'Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go' works as expected. I cannot get 'Active Lane Assist' to work and I not convinced 'Traffic-jam assist' controls the steering when required. Any ideas ?
  2. Christoffer

    Facelift Audi A3 Sport - Traffic Jam Assistant

    Hi, In the new MMI interface 2017+ (Without navigation). Shouldn't I be able to see and activate/deactivate Traffic Jam Assistant in the MMI interface (Car Settings)? I have just received my 2019 A3 Sports Limo S Tronic with all assistants available - so according to list of my car it includes...
  3. czappa

    Traffic Jam Assist Missed the Boat to AU?

    Had our new s3 for a few weeks. Traffic Jam Assist didn't make it to Australia! Do you think I could enable with coding? Optioned up the assistance pack so all the gear is there? it's S-tronic so I don't see why not.