1. soofiRS

    Sold Audi RS5 4.2 FSI V8 (2011) - FDSH, Cobra tracker, 2 owners, 74k

    With the current climate and having been working from home since March, I have decided to put my car up for sale. It has rarely had any use maybe 200 miles since March. I cannot justify keeping it when I also have a wedding coming up next year to pay for. No expense has been spared during my...
  2. J

    S3 - Security!

    Hi all, Picking up an S3 Faceflift 3 door hatch on Friday. Its got the advanced key. Im a bit worried about how secure these are and what I can do to help reduce the chance of it going walkabout! Ive looked through the forums and can anyone give me some advice on what to do. Im going to...
  3. KrisKrk

    Vehicle tracking

    Hi All, Has anyone installed any type of tracking devises to your beloved cars? I'm thinking of securing myself with one and wondered if you had any recommendations? One I've seen and liked the idea of is...