track car

  1. Chris Skelton

    Brake upgrade

    I'm running a '97 2.8 Quattro, mainly as a track car, and it could really do with better brakes. Its currently got the 280-ish mm discs on the front, but obviously far bigger will fit inside 17" wheels I normally run. I guess the question is either.... 1 Which later (fairly common) model could...
  2. Jack_TQS

    For Sale Seat Ibiza GTI Track Day Car

    Here we have for sale my 1998 Ibiza GTI track day car. Bought the car with the modifications which are a half rollcage, removed interior, push button start, sports suspension. Car starts drives and performs perfectly. Done 3 trackdays in this car never missed a beat, Car has had oil and filter...
  3. JLKitching

    S3 8L Fast road/Trackcar

    As the title suggests i'm looking to make my S3 a fast road/ trackcar i'm on a budget for the time being so decided to strip the all the interior panels and now thats done i'm looking to remove a lot of wiring that wont be needed. I want to remove the climate control parts and wiring but a...
  4. E5 FUL

    Turning a A3 2.0tdi into a track car - HELP

    Got a 2006 A3 Sport 2.0tdi 140pd (now with 202bhp). Basically want to turn it into a track car, before you ask I don't wanna get an S3/A3 2.0T as I love turning up to track days in a diesel and I see it as a challenge :) Few questions... 1. Air filter: Currently got the green cotton air...