1. J

    Audi S3 6 SPD Stronic DCT

    Hello guys Yesterday i put a stage 1 motor and transmission tune on my audi s3 8v mk1 2014 they managed to get 365hp and a whopping 544 nm!? Out of my engine? My question is can this 6 SPD stronic dct handle that much torque? Also what is the max torque the 6SPD can handle? On normal...
  2. A7Vorsprung

    Audi A7/A6 C8 50 tdi torque/gearbox software update

    We all know the horrible torque issue with the 50 tdi from Audi. It is dangerous on entering a roundabout and exiting a junction. Luckily I have received a call from Audi to bring the car to the dealership for a software update, that will resolves this issue. I can't wait to update you guys...
  3. Caine

    AUDI A3 8V 2015 2.0 TDI Front and Rear brake torque specs?

    I'm going to be changing the front and rear pads and discs later this week and I can't find a specific value for the carrier to hub bolts. There should be 2 holding it in. one at the top and one at the bottom?
  4. TheJuanAndOnly

    Custom PIDS - Do they exist?

    Hi all, I'm looking to run the Torque Pro diagnostic tool with a bluetooth OBD scanner and before I had a go at coding it myself, I was wondering if anyone had any audi PIDs for the app? Preferably in the form of a .CSV so I can hoof it straight into the Torque directories. Cheers!
  5. Rid

    PD injector clamp bolt torque

    Hi I just replaced the seals on the injectors on my 2.0Tdi 16V 170, engine code BRD. The Audi manual says the new bolts are tightened to only 3Nm before a 90 degree then a 180 degree final set. This seemed a very low torque setting to me and the bolts did not “feel” tight even after the angle...

    Tune D3 4.2TDi

    Hello guys I own a 4.2 tdi d3 generation 326 hp and I am interested into hitting that 1000nm mark ! Does anyone know what kind of modifications I need to do ( gearbox engine drivetrain ) Do I need to upgrade to hybrid turbos ? I think the gearbox cant handle that much of torque but with a...
  7. Shaun Osborne

    Engine Torque specs PETROL and Diesel

    Here are torque specs for PETROL engines. Including Cam, Cylinder, Mounts, Flywheel, Tappets, Oil pump, Timing Belt.
  8. George Abouzolof

    S3 vs RS3

    Alright fellas, wondering if anyone can shed some light on the below. An S3 2010 produces 261 BHP with 258 lbs/ft and does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. Where an RS3 2010 has 335 BHP with 184 lbs/ft and does 0-60 in 4.6. I always thought that the higher the tourqe the better the acceleration so why...
  9. Bonstio

    Android Auto + Root + Bluetooth OBD2 + Torque

    Hello. I've had some success getting Torque pro wired up within Android Auto. I rooted an old phone and leave it connected to the car. Once rooted, install the right apps is fairly trivial. It can be a bit fussy to get going but once working it's pretty good. Here is a reasonable video...
  10. E

    Audi A4 B8 2.0 TDI tolerances

    Hi there! I've got a 2011 Audi A4 b.8 2.0 TDI CR 6MT with 120 hp stock. I've got it tuned to 177 hp / 390 Nm atm, and it has worked flawless since june last year. Only recently did my clutch start slipping, and I'm putting in a new clutch with higher torque tolerances. How strong are the rods...
  11. B

    Q7 More power!!!

    Hi, As someone once said, a lot of problems in life can be sorted with MORE POWER! I have a 4.2 TDI and would like to get it as close as possible to the 6.0 V12 Tdi, anyone have any experience in this matter? And before anyone says, I couldn’t afford the V12. I know a stage 1 and 2 are doable...
  12. Alex C

    Inlet Cam Timing

    My car feels flat most of the time; where there should be a lump of torque there just isn't. It seems to idle a little lumpy (recent pressure test showed no leaks) and it sounds as if the engine is strained when i accelerate and particularly on overrun after having just accelerated hard very...
  13. E

    Maximum torque for A4 clutch

    Hello! How much torque can the stock clutch on a 120HP/290Nm Audi A4 B8 2011 model manual handle? I've got mine tuned to 177HP/390Nm and was wondering if this was within spec for driving it hard, or if I should be careful not hammering it too much. Thanks a lot in advance! Erik
  14. gmeroni

    Engine Mounts

    Hi all, Just checking in if anyone managed to find engine mounts or tried those ones: VAG200M - LEFT HAND SIDE (GEARBOX) MOUNT Including DSG → Replaces:- 6Q0 199 555 ** VAG210M - RHS ENGINE MOUNT → Replaces:- 6Q0 199 167 ** VAG220M - ENG TORQ LINK → Replaces:- 6Q0 199 851 ** I'm not sure...
  15. Daniel Gorton

    Audi S1 5th and 6th gear pull?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a 2016 audi S1 on lease through my business and I'm loving everything about the car but so far haven't found a garage that will let me test drive at my age. The specs are really impressive and was just interested how well the car pulls in 5th and 6th gear at low...
  16. RyanCudlip

    DTUK CRD3+ - A3 8V 2.0tdi 150ps Stronic

    Hi guys, I've recently bought and installed a CRD3+ to my A3. I got a very very good deal from Andy Pawley who runs the company, and was given a very personal and helpful buying experience from start to finish. The kit was very easy to install due to both the design of the whole thing and also...