1. L

    throttle pedal help

    hi, wondering if anyone can help. wondering if a new throttle pedal will be a straight plug and play? I'll try link the one im trying to buy for my 2010 a3. do the TT pedals work in the a3 too? cheers if anyone can help...
  2. 4

    Linear throttle and starting vibration reduction

    Hi Guys, I was trying to tweak the settings using OBD11 to get some more response from my car recently, but I failed and I am wondering if anyone else tried to do this. First I wanted to change the throttle response to be more linear, as I feel that currently the pedal is configured to be a...
  3. S

    Hesitation on gear change

    Hope someone can help. Audi s3 2016 s tronic saloon The other day from standstill I floored the peddle to the ground, i was in manual dynamic mode. I shifted early from 1st gear to 2nd at around 3000 revs but when i went to shift the revs dropped and it seemed like the car cut the power (no...
  4. A

    Throttle delay or lag

    Hi All, I have recently purchased a 2011 8P3 2.0 tfsi quattro and have noticed a lag in the throttle. I have just rev'd the car up sat on my drive way. When I slowly depress the throttle not a whole lot happens ( slight build in revs) until about 1/4 of the whole travel, then the engine picks...
  5. M


    Hello I have an A3 1.8 s tronic. I just had a EML problem which was fixed by Audi, they changed the thermostat and the coolant and the bypass valve. Anyways the first day I take it out from Audi (today) the way I drive is ragggg the engine so I accelerate a lot, but after experimenting it...
  6. G

    2018 RS3 Throttle sticking - help

    Hello, My 2018 RS3 Throttle is sticking at about 5500 RPM. That is the throttle sticks to the floor and will not release. I have to hook my foot under it. Very scary indeed. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Or can anyone give me any advice? Thanks Glynne
  7. Robkn87

    A4 B7 3.0 TDI Quattro Faults P3348 P0638 P1571 ESP Light not working, Juddering when Accelerating

    Hi All, New to the forum so thanks for having me. Im having some pretty frustrating probems with my 2005 A4 estate 3.0 TDI Quattro Automatic at the moment, I've had it in the garage and under diagnostics too and they are a little confused so wanted to ask around before i start throwing too...
  8. B

    Q7 Throttle dead band

    Hi all, I’ve just purchased a 4.2 tdi and found that the first inch of throttle travel does nothing, then the car moves very abruptly. I hadn’t driven any other 4.2 TDIs so don’t know if it’s normal. Ta.
  9. WOJ

    Help Please New owner of S4 Avant B8

    Hi guys. I'm New to this forum so hello to everyone. My name is Simon. My first language is not English so apologise for any spelling mistakes. I picked up 2010 s4 avant yesterday and it's lovely car inside out. Have loads of questions so wonder if you will be able to help. I never had...
  10. S

    Throttle delay, 3 error codes

    Hi all. I have a A4 TDI QUATTRO 170 56 plate. Recently the car was juddering under increased throttle, then the coil/glow plug warning would flash under increased throttle. Now it's a glorified ornament sitting in my driveway as it starts and idles. But if I apply any throttle it only...
  11. Jamesrg


    Hi, i have a rough idle on my 2.0tdi 8P. i want to remove the throttle body and give it a clean to see if this cures it, but while im there i want to clean the EGR also, just want a quick guide if anyones has done this before on what ill need, the EGR and Throttle Body are inline together if im...
  12. Siondc

    Revving Problem S3 8L

    So I recently signed up to Audi-sport, spent hours reading through threads, and plenty of arguments, and went and found myself an S3 8L. Just like to thank everyone for all the great information posted in these threads, it's really helped. So she had a few problems, I serviced her (the full...