1. R

    Buying a TT, Black Edition?

    Hi All, I'm planning on purchasing a TT and I've been looking at the different models around and maybe someone could shed some light on this matter, After quite a few hours browsing i found the 2.0T FSI Quattro Black Edition S Tronic and apparently this 208 bhp car is putting a 0-60 mph in less...
  2. Gregos

    Audi A3 2.0 TFSI remap and other things

    Hi guys ive got a 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI S-Line DSG and obviously im looking to get it mapped! This is my 2nd car of the same type, the last one was a 2005 sport 2.0 tfsi that I had to send back which in all honesty feels a lot slower than the S-Line I have now... is there a possibility its...
  3. K4MR4N

    2014 Audi A3 S Line 3dr 1.4 TFSI 150 CoD - Manual

    Hello everyone, first post here, anyone got this exact car? Can you give me overall Positives and Negatives of this car please and what is fuel economy like. I may get this car coming from a 2013 Astra Elite. Thanks..
  4. A

    What intercooler would you recommend?

    Currently running around 240bhp and was thinking about changing my intercooler to get anywhere between 260-280 ... I want to get 300+ in the future but I'm trying to do the cheaper stuff first. What intercooler would you guys recommend and what gains have you had from yours ? Plus what would you...
  5. A


    Hey guys got a Audi a3 1.8tfsi 62 plate but recognised online as the 2013 model for parts, s3 cat back exhaust and mapped running 240bhp currently have a K & N panel filter but want a full induction kit now but can't seem to find any that actually are specifically for my car... anybody fitted...
  6. A

    RS5 half conversion

    I brought a 2011 A5 cabriolet to convert to an RS5. Only problem is I can't find a diffuser that will fit. I've checked everywere. I can't even find videos of a cabriolet rs5 conversion. Can someone help me find parts please! I want to change the front bumper and grille. Not facelifting the...
  7. pj51182

    1.4 Tfsi Timing Chain

    Just had to have my timing chains replaced on my 10 plate A3 with 63k on the clock. Had the Timing chain tensioner replaced at 43k under warranty. Car was sounding rough on a cold start when it had the tensioner replaced. Started to sound awful again recently so took back in to Audi get it...
  8. kobazik

    Satnav/firmware update

    Hi, I'm happy owner of mid-2013 A3 1.4 TFSI S-line. Car still has 3 months manufacture warranty. What is the best way to update satnav maps and possibly firmware? Is it possible to update MMI via SD card or I need to visit a dealer to update both satnav maps and firmware? Thanks Dom
  9. Sean_

    K04 - Tell me what you know

    Chaps, I know these threads are done to death but I'm just looking for a little bit more info so bare with me. I have been through some of the build threads of some 2.0 TFSI A4's and they are amazing, I will probably contact these guys directly for some more advise and tips. Basically I am...
  10. zyzio

    Sachs Performance, an organic disc clutch part nr 881861999878. Bad things :(

    Hi guys, I need help with a clutch. A friend of mine was driving my car and he made a mistake during changing a gear, he pushed 1-st against 3-rd gear and the center hub spline on clutch disc mount had damaged. The gears are little bit wiped off (see picture below).The center hub spline need...
  11. AudiTurbo8

    Audi A3 1.8TFSI White Smoke

    Hi all, I bought a 1.8TFSI 61 plate black edition A3 with 40k miles back in September last year. I've noticed a lot white smoke particularly on shorter low speed journeys around town, but only sometimes, other times there is none. I've done around 4K miles and the car hasn't used any oil or...