1. T

    For Sale A4 Avant Tdi 1998 - For Sale

    For Sale: Audi A4 Avant - 1998 £300 Blue LY5T with blue interior AFN Tdi 110 213000 miles stamped service book up to 141K / 2010 owned since 2012, have all receipts since then, and MOTs back to 2007 Runs and drives Great, but no MOT custom remapped on rolling road; 130 bhp, 300Nm (I...
  2. Róbert Piller

    1.9TDI PD130 AVF quattro with GTB2260VK

    Hello, I currently own Audi A4 B6 sedan 1.9TDI PD130 AVF quattro and I would like to upgrade to GTB2260VK from 3.0TDI. I plan to upgrade to FMIC, Firad 80 injectors, race camshaft, performance dualmass and clutch, 70mm exhaust. The car is a daily driver and my tuning company told me to aim for...
  3. Sammisano

    New to the Audi game - 8v 3dr

    Hi all, I picked up my A3 last Friday after parting with my MiTo (first car). First impressions are that it’s so comfortable and a real upgrade from the MiTo. Any tips for a new owner?
  4. Mr Olympik

    Growing vibration while in D or R (S-Tronic)

    Hi Guys, I'm quickly running out of options as to what to do with my 2016 B9 Avant. Perhaps someone has had a similar experience? While stationary and the car in Drive or Reverse a growing vibration can be felt to fade in and stay there until I set off or put it into Park; there it is silky...
  5. jsosic

    1.9TDI Oil leak around oil cap

    Hi guys I've noticed recently a slight oil gathering around the oil cap on top of the engine. I've got 1.9tdi 77kW PD, around 75k miles on clock (120k km). I'm the first owner, and engine has been take care of pretty good. First ~55k miles were mostly 75mph on cruise control, while last 20k...
  6. R

    Audi A3 - 8V - 2 litre TDI - quarantined by Audi UK

    Basically to summarise, a really foul burning smell appeared last week during one cold morning, was so bad I felt ill for a good hour after driving with the windows down despite the cold. To cut a long story short, my local trustworthy garage has found a wiring loom has burnt, having contacted...
  7. W

    Flywheel and clutch

    Hi guys and girls.. This is my first post, my clutch on my A4 2.0 TDI 170 2006 is on its way out and I'm gonna be replacing it soon but I just wanted to know if it is worth my upgrading it to take a lil more power as I'm gonna be remapping it in the future and don't want to have to buy another...
  8. GazWeavs

    Stage 1 remap providers

    Hi folks, I'm looking for any recommendations of providers to get my A7 3.0tdi 272ps remapped now it is out of warranty but I'd rather not have to travel too far to get it done. Any info as to where I could get this done as local to me as possible would be appreciated. I'm in rural Hereford...
  9. W

    Wanted Audi A3 1.9tdi quattro 02/03, is anyone selling?

    I just cannot find one anywhere! Preferably stock, no alterations with service history. Thank you
  10. 5

    2019 A8 50 3.0 V6 TDI remap in scotland?

    Has anyone had the 50 3.0 v6 tdi remapped? Im looking to get it done but struggling to find a place that does it at the moment.
  11. Widg

    A3 8P Cruise Control problematic retrofit.

    Hi, Fitted cruise control to my car yesterday using the superb "how to" by Avus and Sijones, and coded it in but will not work no matter what I try. Hoping one of you knowledgable geniuses can spot what I have done wrong. The car is TDI SPORT 8P A5 Mk2 2004 with three prong steering wheel...
  12. A

    Ticking / hissing in engine bay + smell of fumes in cabin

    After trying to pinpoint the source of a ticking / hissing noise from the top right of my A6 C7 3.0TDI + slight smell of fumes in the cabin at points, I decided to remove the injector seals today. 6 copper seals + o-rings bought from Germany (was around 1/4 of the price of Audi) and fitting...
  13. E

    potential purchase of A5

    I've recently been looking at an Audi A5 3L TDI 07 model with 127k on the clock, currently have a golf 1.4 tsi gt 10 plate but it had problem after problem at 65k miles now, everything about the car is in the description of ad was just wondering if anyone reckons it would be a good buy in terms...
  14. Andybails

    Audi A3 Oil Leak Help

    Hi there new to all these forums so bare with me lol. I have problem with my A3 Quattro Sline (2.0 TDI 140BHP) I brought the car over 3 years ago. the underneath of my engine is lathered in oil I have no idea we're it's coming from I've tried cleaning it up to see we're it's coming from but...
  15. Aaronm067

    Central locking issues :/

    Hello, I’m new here since last night and since then I have been reading a lot of posts but not seeing one like mine so hopefully someone can very kindly help me. So, I bought a 1999 v reg Audi A3 8L and found that the central locking pump (code- 8L0 862 257 “L”) wasn’t working along with the...
  16. dp_motley

    Leaking fuel injector. Looking for advise.

    Hi everyone. I own a 2012 Audi A3 1.6 TDI, engine code CAYC. I noticed strong diesel smell coming from an engine compartment a couple of weeks ago. I removed the engine cover and saw that the second fuel injector is wet in comparison all other injectors. I asked a mechanic to check it out. He...
  17. vinee59

    Ticking HPFP, cure it or live with it ?

    Hi All, My A3 recently starting making a ticking sound coming from the HPFP at low revs (below 2000 rpm), I guess at higher the sound is covered by the engine sound, also the sound only comes when the engine is warm. Also the car drives fine as I do have any of symptoms such as loss of power...
  18. ScottyP45

    Whirring noise at idle only - alternator free-wheeling pulley?

    Hi folks, I've searched the forum but came up blank, however my new car, a 2.0 TDi S-Line has an annoying whirring metallic sound while idling at the lights which seems to go when revved up a bit, and doesn't seem to be the clutch bearing or tie in with anything else except idling engine speed...
  19. A

    A6 C7 3.0 TDI Valve Cover Seals Leak

    Hi All, I noticed I slight hissing from my engine bay at idle and, upon having a look today, have found that both sides appear to be leaking oil at what looks like the value covers. Can anyone confirm if this is a usual problem on this car and how easy it is to sort? The hissing appears...
  20. Ajcman

    Audi A3 1.6 tdi air leak

    Hey guys, back again after getting rid of my last A3 (big misstake) got myself a little 1.6 tdi run about and it's been plugged in and there is a permanent air leak in the system. Is there anywhere that's common to go? Somewhere that's prone to go wrong or come loose etc etc. Any help would...