tdi cr

  1. W55LSY

    Recommended Remaps (LEGIT) for under £250?

    Yo! A3 170 blackline 2010 So, I want a Celtic, but can’t afford it. I know there’s flash based ***** on offer but that is not happening on my car In this time of uncertainty, does any know legit mappers in the south east, or national network, that are offering good deals whilst business is...
  2. KORBEN974

    a3 8P 2.0 tdi 170 CR facelift 2010 remap 240 with race parts

    Hi people, My name is korben, i'm living in Réunion island near South Africa, i'm a chiptuner, this is my project with a A3 8P hatchback Sline edition 2.0 tdi cr 170 facelift 2010. On this car, i have modified the full exhaust with a personally exhaust in 63.5mm, and a defap substitute plug...