1. J

    A3 8Y Install LED Tail lights

    Hello, I have a base A3 2022. It came with halogen tail lights and would like to replace them for the LED ones. I have been looking online about this but there's not much info. For the halogen right side one the model is: 8Y0-945-070 and it has a 3-pin connector. The LED right side one the...
  2. demirkapi

    RS Taillight Animation on A3/S3

    If you would like to have RS like animation via OBDeleven, here is the solution. --------------------------- Go to Central electrics (09) Unlock SFD Adaptation Intelligente Heckleuchte-Verbau Vercion Change from 1 to 5 Reboot MMI by pressing on the right corner for 5 secs...
  3. N

    Audi A8 D3 reverse lights and rear fog lights inverted

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I have 2008 Audi A8 and my inner tail lights got broken (like most of them do). I have recently bought brand new original ULO rear inner tail lights and replacing them was very simple. However, I noticed that when I put in reverse, fog lights come up...