1. JensenB

    Great retro fit light pack

    A big thanks to Trups for a job well done, foot wells, puddle and red door lights, glovebox and the LED upgrade. Plus a few mods on the VCDS.
  2. Chrisk1993

    Numberplate LED error free loom guide

    All credits go to @Av4nt for this A4 Saloon guide and @t8ups for the loom. This is a small guide to assist with installing the bypass loom to stop any errors from being thrown on the dash when installing LED number plate lights. First remove the warning triangle at the clip shown. When the...
  3. Chrisk1993

    T8ups bi xenon clear lens mod

    I have been talking to @t8ups for a while and he wanted to get his hands on my headlights since i got them so i decided to pop over this morning and let him work his magic. We swapped out the projector lens for a clear etched one and installed morimoto 6000k xenon bulbs and this is the result...