1. MPH

    Help with headlight switch connector pins thanks

    Could anybody tell me how to open the headlight switch connector base to add a pin to number 8 thanks in advance @MPH
  2. F

    Reverse switch - no power

    Hello all, Done all the usual stuff I could find suggested online, new bulb, checked every fuse, new reverse switch, checked for power and broken wiring to reverse switch. Still nothing. I have determined that there is no power going to the reverse switch. Only pin 1 (Blue/Black) has any form...
  3. davsin

    Xenon Headlamp issues

    Hi All, I'm looking for some guidance, back in December my left Xenon Blew on my 2002 8L S3, after investigation I found the ballast had blown also and the fuse. I decided to replace with a set of the Bi-xenon lights from Trups, I have fitted them and they are as described "plug and play". But...
  4. E

    Headlight switch retrofit

    I have a 2007 A3 tdi and I’ve recently done a 2010 facelift to halogen lights , not a more common bixenon lights . Obviously I have bought a chrome switch from Newer A3 and plugged it in and voila , all lights up and fancy . My question is , when I turn the switch to any position , the lights...
  5. Milton992

    Noise when switching lights A3

    Bought last night an A3 sport for the wife and when switching the lights on theres a constant noise coming from the dash or speakers hard to tell, when the switch is off and car is on, it has what looks like DRL or low lights on ,when you switch to position 1 all lights switch off and if you...