1. V6_Man

    Suggestions / Opinions on possible purchase 2.0tdi Sline (2007)

    Hi Folks, I have recently moved house and went from 1.2 miles per day commute to almost 70-80/day and now clocking up nearly 400-500 miles per week :wtf:- that includes weekends as well. I am now looking at getting a daily and therefore back in to a B7 and came across one on Auto-traders...
  2. V6_Man

    PFL A3 8V Sportback - Rear Suspension Question

    Hi folks, I am about to purchase Eibach Pro kit for my A3 8V (PFL Sportback) and have been asked if I have independent or dependent rear suspension. I have taken a few pics and was wondering if there was another easier way of finding which one I would have. Would appreciate help/suggestions...
  3. V6_Man

    Suggestions Needed - Anyone used APS in Brackley

    Hi guys, as the title suggests has anyone of you used APS in Brackley and if so what are your views. Google reviews suggest it is all good however, I thought I'll ask for opinions here before booking in the car with them for Aircon investigation and a possible fix on my B8.5 S4
  4. theHoRRoX

    New Member - Nogaro Blue S3

    Evening all! Been browsing the forums for a good amount of time but finally have decided to join and post! Fairly recently (Last few months) became the proud owner of a Nogaro blue AMK S3 :) Absolutely in love with it so far and have got some plans for the car! Well worth the insanely high...