1. calw123

    Drivers window

    So my drivers window goes down fine, but putting it up the window gets stuck around 50% of the way up. Check the rubber channels and can't see any obstructions but it looks as if the glass is pointing too far towards the centre of the car so it is becoming too tight to the rubber seals. I'm...
  2. N

    Audi A3 fuel door stuck

    Hey. Audi A3 fuel door stuck, usually opens when you click ‘unlock’ on the key. Tried the emergency red cord in the boot, but still no luck. any help without having to break it would be useful please? thanks in advance
  3. J

    Window stuck in down position

    URGENT!! I'm hoping someone can help me! I have a convertible A4 B6 model and the window is stuck in the down position. I managed to pull it up whilst holding the button and it made a scrape noise. I then lowered it and tried to raise it again and it will only go up About 1/4 of an inch. I've...
  4. James789

    Audi S3 EPB Stuck No Ignition Cant Release

    Hi Guys I have a Audi S3 8v which has had some damage done to the steering column and some of the wiring harness/loom is missing that connects to key barrel and steering wheel I need to get the car to a garage but cant move it because theres no ignition and cant release the electronic parking...
  5. K4MR4N

    Any other way to get bonnet access

    I have an 2014 Audi A3 that needs Recovering but there is one big issue. The driver side door is jammed as it is heavily dented inwards (salvage car) The door will not open. The lever for bonnet can only be fully pulled once the door is open . So i am stuck with a car that has flat battery...