1. Warsuperior

    Audi S3 "Punisher" 2.1L stroker build, image heavy

    So I have started to acquire parts to build 2067cc engine Car is -99 S3 and its basically rebuild, here is topic for that: Parts list so far: - AGU bigport engine from my A3 - JE-pistons 83mm CR 9.5:1 (thanks to...
  2. S3 Hilife

    92.8 Stroke crankshaft

    I’m looking for some information on which 2.0T FSI crankshaft to buy for my build. I’m a little bit confused and keep getting conflicting information on which part number or engine code to go for. I want to get a forged 92.8mm stroke crank and I have always been under the impression that any...
  3. Warsuperior

    1.8 to 2.0 stroke, worth it? tips?

    As it seems my s3 might be running soon, my crappy daily drive a3 has AGU angine in it. Mileage is around 260tkm with engine I has served me many years without problems and still pulls good until 1.2bar and turbo runs out of juice. I was thinking to bore&stroke to 2.0 with great forget...
  4. <tuffty/>

    My minor modding thread

    I have been applying subtle tweaks to my S3 since I bought it back in October 2008. I have not made a big thing about my tweaks as I like the sleeper appeal of a car looking pretty standard hiding all sorts of untold silly nonsense... My most public tweak to date has been my efforts to secure...