steeriing wheel

  1. R

    B9 A4 steering wheel swap

    Hi all, new here so apologies if this has been asked before. Looking to change my current round steering wheel to a flat bottom one. My question is does the replacement wheel need to be one from an A4 or does Audi use the same flat-bottom steering wheel for all its Audi’s? I currently have the...
  2. Dan Turner

    MFSW Airbag Troubles

    Afternoon everyone, I'm have a bit of a mare at the moment. So I recently purchased a multi function steering wheel for my 2005 A3 8P 3 door but I don't think the seller wasn't honest about it as I believe it is from a 5 door as the air bag connector is different to mine and I'm not sure what...
  3. L

    Mfsw retro fit

    Hi i have brought a 4 spoke mfsw, i have a Chinese type fake rnes audi stereo, what else do i need to get the steering controls to work, at the moment sw is plugged in and not getting any ligbts on the controls, i thought they would at least light up. Thanks
  4. M

    Hi, need some help with my Audi

    Hi, I've changed my Audi A3 (2013 1.4 TFSI 8V) steering wheel. My issue is that my buttons aren't working. I'm just wondering, is this something I can fix or does it have to be like this? The steering wheel was changed from the Audi A3 normal steering wheel with shield air bag, and all MMI...
  5. OCDaveS4

    Flat Bottomed Steering Wheels make the rockin' world go round ??

    Is it scandalous not to like the flat bottomed steering wheel on my S3?? I ignored it, cos I absiolutely love the car, but it feels a bit gimmicky, and after 6 weeks of ownership I'm bored with it LOL ! BMW's (sorry to use that name here) seem to have avoided them. Does anyone know whether...