start up

  1. y15usf

    How to start up in vehicle diagnostics

    Hi Guys, I wanna start up in the world of vehicle programming, tech etc. I have so far invested in a VCDS but find it quite useless when it comes to other cars. I wanted to know what tools you guys would recommended that covers a wide ranges of vehicles, give me advanced features like...
  2. S

    Cold start up problem

    I have an Audi A3 and every time I turn the engine over, (only on a cold start), when I start to drive it will stutter when I try to accelerate then but this will only happen for about a minute until the engine has warmed up and it runs perfectly after that, any suggestions of what this can be...
  3. Adamski_A3

    Weird noise on start up

    Hi Recently took ownership of a 2010 1.8TFSI A3 Sportback and I have this weird noise it gives on start up. I did a bit of a Google and saw a few saying its quite common, but its still bugging me so thought I'd ask here for any other comments. I've got a recording which isn't the best but gives...