stage 1

  1. RSMinty

    Saloon Ordering an RS3 soon. I have some questions.

    Hi all, I've reached out to Audi and they will be contacting me once the 2019 order book comes out. I have been slowly putting together some things Id like done with the car once it arrives in a couple months time. 1. Is a full Paint Protection Film worth it? I am still debating if this is a...
  2. S

    A3 1.8 TFSI stage 1

    Hello, I have owned a 2009 a3 1.8tfsi for 3 months now and looking at getting it remapped with revo. stage one they expected 210-220 bhp and around 274 ib/ft of torque. Stage 2 required turbo back exhaust, inter-cooler and intake. unfortunately stage 2 is out of budget at this time but any...
  3. NevMan

    Audi A1 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 2.0 3.0 TDi Superchips Bluefin ECU Remap BF06-VAGH-T

    I am selling my bluefin that was used on Audi A6 2.0 TDI ultra 190ps, and has been reset ready for new map to be provided FOC by SuperChips They sell for £499. My Buy it now is £249.00, but would sell to forum member for £200 As per my auction, you need...
  4. LeeDaviesS3

    Looking for a Stage 1 taster

    Can't decide whether to get my car remapped or not. I like the thrill I get from my 310bhp S3, but, I can't help wondering what it would be like after a Stage 1 with REVO or APR. I am on the fence due to having 2.5 years of warranty left, maybe a blip sat in someones passenger seat with a stage...
  5. H

    A3 S-line 1.4TFSI Intercooler upgrade??

    Hi guys, I'm new to the A3 scene and want to upgrade my intercooler before I get a custom map on Saturday. I've ordered a pipercross filter to put in before the map too. Anyone know what the best upgraded intercooler size is for the 1.4? Thanks!
  6. M

    A3 8p 1.8 tfsi turbo failing !?

    Hi all! I have an A3 8p sportback 1.8 tfsi 2010. After a year of mind battling pros and cons on remapping my audi and researching it, I finally decided to go with APR stage 1 ecu upgrade. It did not go the way I hoped. First, the intake side of the turbo was quite oily so the mechanic said...
  7. O

    Has anyone had the Quantum tuning stage 1 remap on their S1?

    Anyone had Quantum's stage 1 mapped to their S1? I'm tempted given the price but also a bit weary as revo want £599 exc VAT for their stage 1 map. Be interesting to know if anyone has experienced the two and how they compare!