sprint blue

  1. Woob

    Sold Audi S3, 2010 3 door, sprint blue

    For sale 2010 Audi S3, 3 door hatch back in sprint blue. Facelift model 2 litre, petrol engine, 6 speed manual gearbox, 4 wheel drive haldex system 99,957 miles - mostly motorway miles. Mileage will not rise as replacement car already purchased. Priced £10,500 Based in Cardiff CF23 Registration...
  2. M

    Wanted A4 DTM - Preferably Sprint Blue.

    Looking for an A4 DTM, preferably sprint blue with Xenon and Bose. But open to offers. Thanks for looking!
  3. Lou Coe

    1 Step Paint Correction Recommendations?

    Hey all! Just come back to the VAG team and picked up a 20o9 S3 sportback in sprint blue. The paint is in great condition with no scuffs or bad scratches but could do with some love to bring it up to glory. I clayed the car last night so ready for a fresh start. Before the keyboard warriors...
  4. duffers_29

    Hello from the North West!

    Evening guys, Newbie to the whole Audi world over here. Bought myself an S3 (in the best colour :tonguewink:) about 4 weeks ago and absolutely love it! Haven't got many photo's of her as of yet so heres the few i've got. Looking round the forum it looks like i've got a lot of bedtime reading to...