1. Wing Lun

    Wheels Colour

    I've been seriously considering getting my standard wheels painted. If you've been following me here, I'd bought my car less than a year ago, but the dealers had refurbed the wheels not only one, but TWICE! I didn't know using a jet spray would damage the wheels which Audi damaged from their...
  2. J

    Audi A4 1.4 Fuel Spraying

    Hi guys, Wish my Bluetooth issue was the only one. My one year old A4 is now stepping up her misbehaviour. I tried to start the car, it came up with an error. I clicked the START/STOP button again and the starter motor went for it, a few seconds longer than normal. Then a strong fuel smell...
  3. G

    Paint center console

    Hi everyone, i am new in the forum, so...nice to meet you. I have an A3 from 08/2003 and i am thinking to renovate the interior. Obviously, i have many things to ask but I'll try to restrain myself in the beginning :). So i 'll start only with one question; how can i repaint the centre console...