1. Moony_1989

    Not another mfsw post

    Hi guys sorry for asking about something that’s been covered thousands of times. I’ve read most of the forums but can’t get a definitive answer on what I need I have 56 a3 sportback s line, with retro cruise and I want to change the wheel to a mfsw with volume controls but unsure which one...
  2. G

    For Sale 2007 A3 8P 2.0T S Line Quattro Sportback

    2007 Audi A3 8P 2.0T S Line Quattro Sportback, manual in Ice Silver A3 2.0T S Line with 18” titanium-coloured 7 arm double spoke wheels, brushed aluminium interior trim, black and light grey leather seats. Optional upgrades BOSE ten-speaker sound system with noise-compensation feature and...
  3. V6 Quatt

    For Sale H+R Lowering Springs Audi S5 Sportback B8/B9 Since 2016 28757-5

    Brand new Genuine H+R Lowering Springs Audi S5 Sportback B8/B9 Since 2016 28757-5. Condition is "New". 20mm £200 buyer collects Postage UK £10.00 These will come packaged in original box Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. These lower your S5 Sportback B9/ B8 20mm front and Rear Part...
  4. N

    Wanted S3 8P Sportback BCS/Cobra Exhaust

    Hi guys, I’m after an aftermarket exhaust turbo back, preferably decat but not overly fussed, for a S3 Sportback (8P) preferably BCS or Cobra. Willing to settle for scorpion but I’m staying away from Milltek. If you guys have anything for sale or anything that’s coming off the car soon, let me...
  5. Christian Espinosa

    Does 5 Door S3 8v Diffuser fits 3 Door?

    Im Currently on search for some carbon fiber diff for my S3 hatchback, I have only found Sportback options on AliExpress, Is it going to fit mine?
  6. A

    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Hi all Finally getting around to upgrading the discs and would like some advice on potentially going for the big brake kit. My initial thoughts were to replace front and rear with just OEM sizes (370mm and 310mm). I'm sure this would still be marked difference over the stock discs, however...
  7. J-Bear

    12V power supply in the boot?

    Hi! I'm currently installing a tow bar on my 2014 5D sportback and I need a constant or ignition switched 12v supply for the electronics. I was planing on using the 12V cigarette lighter socket, but unfortunately my car isn't equipped with one... However I did find something that looks like a...
  8. Q

    Seeking Advice Audi S3 2019 sport back

    Hello, I am relatively new to this forum and forever seeking more knowledge. I have an Audi S3 sport back 2019 with a dq381 currently stage 3, close engine with a PMP 575 turbo methanol system for turbo cooling as where I am is really hot. Running on standard 98 petrol. I have STM tuning...
  9. A

    Audi A3 2013 Navigation Update

    Hello, does any one know how i can update my navigation system to 2020 maps? I have a 2013 Audi A3 Sportback current versions are as follows: Software version - MSTD_EU_AU_P2440 Navigation Version - 8V0919866A 0021 ECE 2013. i have tried going onto my audi website and it says there are no...
  10. D

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 2007 white smoke

    Hi all, I’m looking for some help. I have a 2007 A3 sport back 2.0 TDI 170 that has decided to blow white smoke from the exhaust on acceleration with a strong smell of burning especially when first started or idling. there is no lack of power or problems starting ect. I have had the head...
  11. Wing Lun

    Dogbone Mount Insert

    I had the Powerflex insert installed a few days ago, and the initial feeling was the cabin noise in idle and the vibration when reversing. Over the past few days, I noticed the reduction of transmission slop and a smoother gear change, but just the NVH bugging me... I currently got the yellow...
  12. Wing Lun

    Found Audi A3 8V Sportback 5Dr Load Liner

    Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire Looking for this product under the code: 8V4061180 Anybody selling one?
  13. Happy_89

    For Sale Audi S3/A3/Q3 Sportback Semi Rigid Load Liner

    Afternoon All, I have recently sold my 2015 Audi S3, I have the above which I am loathed to throw away/dispose off. It was only used for about six months and is in good condition. It's not practical to post, but collection is welcomed or I can drop off nearby for a small fee. The version I...
  14. Wing Lun

    For Sale Audi A3 8V Door Cards x4 (full set) - 5 Door

    Removed from a 2017 1.4 TFSI Sportback, bought on eBay but switches were different on my car so reselling due to my mistake, so an opportunity for you to buy! Selling for £180 but collection only. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. As pictured great condition with some marks, please browse through...
  15. ben_a38p

    ECON light (2005 model)

    Especially with the summer temperatures, my AC even on low isn’t especially cold and the ECON light doesn’t turn off. Any advice? The compressor is working thinking it might just need a re-gas? I know the facelift models have an ‘AC’ button instead but facelift have a complete different AC...
  16. A

    Anyone used TDI tuning box on A5 2.0 Quattro 177?

    Hello all, just bought a 2014 A5 2.0 TDI Quattro 177, I would prefer the tuning box stage 1 to a remap because its not overwriting my cars ECU, just intercepting/overriding instead (and it’s untraceable/removeable) and I was just wondering if anyone else has used one and are the gains as good as...
  17. Wing Lun

    Electric Lumbar Support Help

    I've got existing standard cloth seats on my A3 Sportback 2015, and I'm looking to invest in seats with the lumbar and heat function. Below is a photo of the existing wiring looms in my car, and it's missing the red and green connector. I'm buying these seats below and at the bottom of the...
  18. H

    Wanted Audi S3 Exhaust Milltek

    Hi, I'm after a sport back ,milltek exhaust for a s3 8p. Thanks
  19. S

    For Sale Audi A3 8P Sportback Bilstein & Eibach Suspension Parts (Brand New) May Fit other Models

    Hi Guys I have some brand new suspension parts that I never got round to fitting to my sportback which I have now sold. Bilstein 12-244942 Front top strut mount kits x 2 Bilstein 22-139191 Front shocks x 2 Eiback E10-15-007-10-22 Pro lowering spring kit Would like to sell as a package for...
  20. Damian Owen

    Audi A3 Sportback 2009 front door speakers Not working

    Hi all, I am new to the group but have been using it for all my information needed for a few months now. I have an issue where I cannot figure out how to get the front door speakers working, however the centre speaker works fine. I have taken the door cards off and tested the speakers with an...