sportback 5dr

  1. J-Bear

    12V power supply in the boot?

    Hi! I'm currently installing a tow bar on my 2014 5D sportback and I need a constant or ignition switched 12v supply for the electronics. I was planing on using the 12V cigarette lighter socket, but unfortunately my car isn't equipped with one... However I did find something that looks like a...
  2. Q

    Seeking Advice Audi S3 2019 sport back

    Hello, I am relatively new to this forum and forever seeking more knowledge. I have an Audi S3 sport back 2019 with a dq381 currently stage 3, close engine with a PMP 575 turbo methanol system for turbo cooling as where I am is really hot. Running on standard 98 petrol. I have STM tuning...
  3. Wing Lun

    Sold Audi A3 8V Sports Interior Cloth Seats 5 Door (Full Set)

    Great condition out of my 2015 A3 Sportback. Reason for swap is I wanted electric seats. Already had a good clean for potential buyer. Both fronts and rear seats only in listing including centre armrest. Seatbelts not included. As pictured great condition with some marks, please browse...
  4. Wing Lun

    For Sale Audi A3 8V Door Cards x4 (full set) - 5 Door

    Removed from a 2017 1.4 TFSI Sportback, bought on eBay but switches were different on my car so reselling due to my mistake, so an opportunity for you to buy! Selling for £180 but collection only. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. As pictured great condition with some marks, please browse through...
  5. Joody1

    New member/2.0 tfsi ccza engine code

    Hi guys new member here! Was just wondering if anyone could help me out, this is my first audi and only second car, so all new to this. Just looking for any possible issues with the 2.0 tfsi ccza engine and what to look out for. Also if anyone has any ideas of mods i can do to it that would be...
  6. William McGougan

    Wanted Audi S3 8P Parts Wanted

    Looking for the following parts: Drivers wing mirror (chrome metal style) Decat pipec & maybe downpipe - I have a milltek downpipe and sports cat at moment so would consider swap? PCV Upgrade Hybrid turbo Front Brake Upgrade
  7. LeviathanHWD

    Audi A5 Sportback Rear camera install

    Hello guys! This is my first post so excuse me if I do not understand some terminology. My question is this: How does one install a reverse camera in the sportback? I have a 2012 sportback(facelift) and do not know how to route the wires! Any help would be appreciated!
  8. A

    Cluster issue ?!?!?!?!

    Good afternoon all, Newbie here (please dont moan lol) Firstly, apologies if this has been posted here before. I have a 2009 Audi A3 2.0 tdi with the stupid cluster/ not starting issue.....Done a bit of research, hence why Im here. So, my symptoms were/are.... NO LIGHTS ON DASH but Radio on...
  9. Harry P

    Wanted 8v PARTS WANTED

    Hi everyone I have a 5 door s line facelift Sportback and I am looking for a s3 rear diffuser to fit. I'm assuming ill be needing a 2016 and onwards diffuser so if anyone has one for sale or knows any one could you let me know! preferably Cheshire or Shropshire area. thank you.
  10. tiktok_78

    For Sale 2013 A3 8V Sportback 2.0tdi, Sport.

    2013 Audi A3 Sportback, 2.0 tdi, Sport. Ice Silver 51,000 miles, Manual 148bhp version Full service history Will be sold with 12 months MOT Private plate Alcantara / leather upholstery Front & rear parking sensors Audi Navigation (SD Card system) Bluetooth / handsfree Subwoofer Climate...
  11. Wing Lun

    Which alloy wheels to buy?

    I've already done a few minor mods to my car, but my next move would putting on Eibach Pro Kits to support my APR anti-roll bar, and possibly new set of wheels. Keep in mind my car is a 2.0 TDI 150bhp no remaps at the moment. I'm undecided on which ones to go for, I've even collated a few...
  12. Ozzyy

    Any improvements to A3 2.0 tdi S-line inside or out?

    Alright chaps, Just looking for any improvements to put on A3 2.0 tdi sline to make it bit more different from the others. Please let me know if any ideas and feel free to post pictures to show them off Cheers