1. S

    Audi Specialists in Reading Area

    Hi All, Hope the NY is going well for you. Sorry if this is in the wrong category but wanted to know if there are any Audi specialists or credible Indy mechanic’s/Business around the Reading area. Thanks is advance. Sub
  2. E

    Facelift Cambelt change, Audi prices & underwhelming Indie advice

    Hi all, looking for some advice. The 67-plate 1.5L A3 I bought a couple of years back is at its 5 year cambelt interval. I've had quotes for a cambelt change, which were (Parts+Labour+VAT included): £939.32 - Audi Nottingham/Derby £819.49 - Local VAG Indie A cursory look over the forum shows...
  3. Yogibear84

    VAG specialist in SW London?

    Hi guys, Looking for a good indy VAG garage in SW London. I'm in Tooting but willing to travel for someone with a good rep. Any recommendations?
  4. maxpayne

    Servicing in London (preferably north London)?

    Hi Gals and Guys, It appears that my 2005 2.0 S-Line Sportback that I've had the pleasure of owning for the last few months is up for service, well at least the service light has gone up! The previous owner (bless him) had the car serviced in a Audi authorized centre from the beginning and it...
  5. F

    TFSI Carbon Clean

    Here's a pic of a mates engine. Its a MK6 Golf R with 41,000 miles. Same CDL as S3 Decoke carried out by our indy at AP Automotive in Telford. It certainly comes up well.
  6. W

    ICE/MMI non-dealer specialist in West Berks/M4 J14 area??

    Looks like I have an MMI problem in my MY2006 A6 saloon which requires specialist attention, or use of MMI diagnostics to confirm fault - which is thought to be phone ECU related. Can anyone tell me of any Audi/MMI specialists in West Berks/South Oxon/North Wilts/North Hants, or along the M4...