spare parts

  1. B

    S4 wings

    Does anyone do half decent pattern S4 wings for the B6? Mine are totally gone, but with 1/4 million on the clock, I don't really need originals. Cheers
  2. C

    Q7 Push button start

    I have a 2009 Q7 I bought it used and I never used the key to manually start it.I purchased a spare key and when the auto mechanic attempted to program the spare he said that the original key that came with the vehicle was unable to start the Q7.Because I never attempted to do this I could not...
  3. Matthew Swift

    2019 Audi S3 (8V) Space Saver Wheel??

    I have recently got myself a couple of months ago a nice and neat Audi S3 - she's a beaut. When I got her she didnt come with a spare tire but came with the special tire filler for if you ever got a puncture. Now I may only be 27 but the S3 is my first car, but have been driving for the past 10...
  4. Slowracer

    Spare ECU, where to buy?

    can anyone recommend where to buy an ECU for a reasonable cost or preferably even a used one. Also would you know the part number for a FL sedan please.