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  1. fire_up_the_quatrro

    Sold Cete Active Valve Controller (AVC) S3/RS3 (8V)

    Cete Active Valve Controller - under eight months old. Only selling due to no longer needed for my S3 RRP of around £410 - looking for £330 delivered. Info here, this is the new revision that can also be disabled and re-enabled by holding down the stop start button for 5 seconds (should you...
  2. M

    A4 Cab amplifier change

    Hi all, just a quick thread as I'm scratching my head with this, has anybody any experience in changing the factory amplifier in b7 cabriolet? I've upgraded all my speakers but sound quality could be better with a aftermarket amplifier i think. Sound improved with the speaker upgrades and head...
  3. edgarmiknius

    Audi a5 2.0 tdi still blue smoke after changng turbo, what to do ?

    i heard from service that my car need to change turbo, since it was leaking some oil. i bought brand new turbo, and replaced it. the thing is, i only changed turbo, no oil lines to turbo, or something else, also havent cleaned anything but just egr. i know that its not exhaust that couses smoke...