1. A

    OTA Firmware Updates

    Hi folks. Does anyone know if the new A3/S3 can download firmware updates over the air (ie using its SIM card)? I know that the new Golf can, so assume that the A3 can too, but I can’t recall having seen anything about it. Thanks for any info, Adam.
  2. GreenOnes

    Data connection could not be established

    Hi all, I've got an A6 Ultra black edition with a 3G enabled MMI. I had a SIM with IDMobile and that worked great, but I've switched to PlusNet (for a better data plan) and I'm getting the error "Data connection could not be established" when trying to use Audi connect. No other data services...
  3. U_Pharm1

    Audi A5 67 plate MMI/Wifi question!

    Hey guys, just purchased a 67 plate audi a5 sportback. Im interested in setting up the wifi hotspot feature (if it has one). What I don't understand is that I can access the usual audi connect things like weather/news/fuel prices etc even though there is no sim inserted? how is this possible...