1. thewood1978

    Shock Absorber Fitting

    Hi People Just wanting to know how long you think it should take to replace all 4 shocks on a Audi A4 B8 3.0 SLine. I got the guy down to £300 inclusive which at their £54/hr Inc Vat is just under 1.4 hours per corner. I am supplying the parts, this is pure labour. Im thinking that's...
  2. kpm278

    Rear end unsettled cornering over uneven ground

    Hi My car is a bit unsettled when cornering over pot holes and the like. Rear suspension is sometimes a bit creaky and I had an advisory on last MOT there is oil mist on the rear shocks. I know some mist is ok, but could this be worn shocks and the reason for the unsettled ride? Car has done...
  3. Konstantinos

    2007 S3 8P Shocks

    Hello guys! Last month I bought a 2007 prefacelift s3 8p with 100.000 kms on the clock and I’m pretty happy with it although it needs some minor work to be perfect for my taste! Car is booked for full maintenance service and overall inspection in a few days and after that I’m planning on...
  4. Northern_Monkey

    Unstable rear end S3/8v saloon

    hi all, maybe a bit paranoid but I wanted your thoughts on the following: Lately I’ve found that the rear end of the car feels a bit loose or ‘un-damped’. This is especially obvious when riding over even slightly uneven manhole covers etc. This mainly affects the left rear wheel and the rear of...
  5. motoriety

    HELP! Need to find the correct springs for my 2008 A4 DTM

    TLDR; I need to find the correct stock springs for my A4 DTM. Chassis No: WUAZZZ8E88A801088 Engine No: BWE043658 Here's the long story: I began my DTM Saga in January 2017. I purchased a reasonably-priced low-mileage car which had some modifications including Eibach lowering springs. I drove...
  6. Cheeks

    S3 front shocks on A3?

    Pretty much what it says on the tin, will the S3 front shocks fit on my A3 1.6? If so will it affect ride height and do you just use normal top mounts or does an s3 have different ones?
  7. Cheeks

    S3/A3 part swap?

    Getting speed wobble intermittently (weird) pulling to the left a lot. (Not calipers) starting to rule out different parts, new control arm bushes soon, new front tyres, balanced twice, same thing :( Wanting to know if S3 front shocks will fit the a3? I thought if I'm changing them might as...
  8. NethanB

    Coilovers vs Springs vs Springs & Shocks

    Hi Just after some recommendations / personal experiences you guys have had installing anything to lower you A4 B8 I have a TDi Quattro and want to lower 40mm all round Cost is not my issue at the moment, I just want to lower her in the best way without losing too much comfort Coilovers seem...