1. 4

    Service reminder not showing, service reminder value = 2

    Hello, I have 1200km until oil change/service, but I am not getting a reminder on the dash when I turn the ignition on. When I first started to service the car myself, I set the oil interval and inspection to 10k km, so a reminder should come up when I have 1500km left, but it doesn't. In...
  2. MPH

    Audi 1997 Maintenance Schedule 2023-12-09

    Audi 1997 Maintenance Schedules
  3. M

    2008 A3 8P 1.9TDI repair or run till it dies?

    Hi all, I have just gotten myself a second-hand 2008 A3 8P 1.9TDI with the dreaded BXE engine and was wondering if it was worth it to repair it to tip top condition. I bought it off someone for £1000, which I thought was a good deal since other examples went for about £3000 and autotrader quoted...
  4. Lauster23

    Servicing on A3 2015

    Hi all, just need some general advice on which service to go for. I have an A3 saloon 65reg from new. I've only done 37k miles to date. Serviced every year and is due MOT/service end of the month. In Oct 2020, had a full service done, the rest were small. Also had new brake pads/discs replaced...
  5. K

    SQ5 SQ5 oil change costs

    My 2018 petrol SQ5 wants an oil change in the next 30 days. Rang round the dealers and got quotes ranging from £370 to £241. Again, same experience as last year Sytners seem to be rip off merchants where as JCT600 are far more reasonable. (Yes I know independant will be even cheaper). Pays to...
  6. Diazro

    Functions on demand

    What functions on demand do you have available for your car if you are not in UK as the service is not available yet over here?? . I understand that the service exist in Germany and Belgium
  7. J

    Online Service Record Help

    I have an Audi S3 which was serviced last year by an independent. They said it asked for KM so converted the mileage to KM. I have emailed Audi uk CEO with still no luck. The help is really poor. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this incorrect mileage on Erwin sorted please ...
  8. TeaMonsta

    Does my car need a service?

    My car asked for its first service after about 9000 miles. It's now done about 27000 miles and hasn't warned me that it should be serviced any time soon. However, I've received a couple of emails from the dealer to say that the car is due (and now overdue) for a service. I suspect this is...
  9. dp_motley

    Multi-point inspection checklist wanted, plz.

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a multi-point inspection checklist that Audi service folks use during standard (30.000 km) maintenance. I would appreciate if anybody could share it.
  10. Kalashnikov

    Service prompt on speed screen

    hi been i while i have been on here. I have already meddled with the values on usng VCDS to get the correct milage and time to next service on the main pop up screen. But struggling to clear the service prompt on the speedo screen. Any quick pointers appreciated. thanks
  11. M

    B8 S5 - Service at 60k interval questions

    Hi, So my 2011 S5 sportback is booked in for service next week, same independent specialist as last year. Last year I had the full service, oil change, and all the filters etc. Fast forward one year, the cars covered around 5.5k miles. The garage said just the engine oil change is required (i.e...
  12. Steelster

    Advice on main dealer vs independent service/MOT needed!

    Hi everyone, long time since I've posted on here! Hope you're all doing well in these crazy times. My 2017 S3 is due for its first MOT, and also because it is now 3 years old, due for a brake fluid change. I called a couple of places to double check if that is all that is required, and I've...
  13. Steven87

    7 speed S-Tronic service

    Does anyone know what the service interval is on the facelift 7 speed gearbox? I'm getting conflicting opinions of 40k and 80k miles.....
  14. George_P

    First service?

    Need your advice please. My S3 is showing an oil change is due at 15000 miles. Called audi Guildford and they have quoted £400+ and for a first service it sounds a bit expensive. Never paid more than 250-300 with MBZ or BMW. Is it how much it is? Thank you
  15. NickCarter

    Audi Service plan

    Help? I’m a tad confused about the Audi Service Plan. I’ve gone online and it came back saying £374 for the next 2 consecutive services within the next 24 months in line with my Audi manufactures recommended service schedule. That’s with Audi’s summer 20% off discount price. Says it will cover...
  16. D31V

    A3 S-Tronic 38k miles transmission oil change

    Hey, Hoping someone can offer some advice My A3 has hit 38k miles and as such Audi recommend a transmission oil change... which i can't book in due to Covid-19 etc, which i understand. The First MOT is due in November, is it wise to continue using the car until then and get the transmission...
  17. J

    a6 avant 3.0 quattro s-tronic (2011)

    afternoon, as i mentioned before in a post about the c7 or the b8 i decided on the c7, im currently in the process of purchasing it, but i have stumbled upon it maybe missing a s tronic oil change its currently on 70k now so it would be due its second one very shortly, and i was wondering...
  18. SM18


    Hi all, just wondering peoples thoughts on Eurocarparts? Since owning the wife’s Audi A3 always bought genuine service parts and serviced my self (have a vat registered company with a workshop) so not an every day car mechanic but deal with trucks etc. I’ve used Eurocarparts before and got...
  19. ZIPPY2019

    70K AUDI A3 1.6 2009

    2009 AUDI A3 1.6 SPORTPACK 8P I've just hit 70k miles and was wondering if there any parts that I should check or replace that are not part of normal servicing? THANK YOU :)
  20. AudiLeon96

    Extortionate service price S3 8V

    Hi guys hope everyone is well, As the title suggests, I have my 2017 S3 booked in for the 21st of this month for its first service. The car has only covered 1800 miles but as its approaching 2 years old the inspection message has come up on the dash. I called my local audi to book it in and the...