service schedule

  1. christianbeccy

    2018 RS3 Servicing

    I have a 2018 FL RS3, registered in June 2018 and has now done about 9000 miles. I've never been very clear on what it's service requirements are and my local dealer aren't that much help. It's last service was in July last year, at about 5k miles. It been asking for this inspection service...
  2. mjharper

    Accessing service history

    Hi, I've just bought a 2010 TFSI that the trader says has a full service history. I've signed up to myAudi and given them the VIN etc but no history is present. After contacting their digital support dept they said I either need Audi connect or I have to go to my nearest dealer with a V5 and...
  3. M

    190TDI Quattero Auto service

    Hi All, Does anyone have a list of parts and quantities that are replaced as part of a major service (40k) I have asked the dealer to send me a list and they have point blank refused.
  4. gldy_b

    S5 Servicing Cost

    My car is coming up for its first visit to the dealership. Does anybody know what kind of cost is involved. I think the first one is only a oil change. Then it’s an inspection? Has anyone had there’s done? :blackrs4:
  5. Steven87

    S3 Servicing

    I've seen a couple of posts on here mentioning service packages for x number of years/services being negotiated at the time of sale. I asked about this when I bought my car but was told they weren't available on 'S' models. Has anyone managed to secure a package on their S3? I'm also torn...
  6. F

    How to deal with digital service schedule? No more books.

    Hi, I've recently updated to a 2014 A3 sportback, and it comes with a digital service schedule. From what I read, decent independent garages will have no issue updating the official log here: My query is how do I, as the registered keeper, review the log...