service cost

  1. NickCarter

    Audi Service plan

    Help? I’m a tad confused about the Audi Service Plan. I’ve gone online and it came back saying £374 for the next 2 consecutive services within the next 24 months in line with my Audi manufactures recommended service schedule. That’s with Audi’s summer 20% off discount price. Says it will cover...
  2. AudiLeon96

    Extortionate service price S3 8V

    Hi guys hope everyone is well, As the title suggests, I have my 2017 S3 booked in for the 21st of this month for its first service. The car has only covered 1800 miles but as its approaching 2 years old the inspection message has come up on the dash. I called my local audi to book it in and the...
  3. jimmydougle

    Dealership Didn't Add Service Plan

    Hi all, Had a slight issue with my S5. I bought the car just over a year ago and it has gone in for the first service (oil change). I've taken the vehicle to another dealership for the service. After I dropped the car off, the dealership called me and advised that I didn't have a service plan...
  4. gldy_b

    S5 Servicing Cost

    My car is coming up for its first visit to the dealership. Does anybody know what kind of cost is involved. I think the first one is only a oil change. Then it’s an inspection? Has anyone had there’s done? :blackrs4:
  5. Ramayya

    S3 (8V) Spark Plugs Change - Cost

    Just wondering what to expect and how to ask for the above in order to avoid additional costs. My car has done about 41k and it is 3.5 years old. According to the manual, it was due for a spark plug change at 38k miles. It is near its M.O.T. date and I am thinking of booking it for that at...
  6. Steven87

    S3 Servicing

    I've seen a couple of posts on here mentioning service packages for x number of years/services being negotiated at the time of sale. I asked about this when I bought my car but was told they weren't available on 'S' models. Has anyone managed to secure a package on their S3? I'm also torn...
  7. Minion Bob!

    Service Price

    Hi All 15 Plate 3V needs a service (2 Year/20,000) within the month. Was looking for comparison on what others have paid. I'm in the Birmingham Area if that helps from a Geography perspective but interesting to know what the prices are up and down the country too. Interested to see if...