1. P

    For Sale RS5 4.2L V8 COUPE (B8.5) FOR SALE

    The time has come to sell the best car I've had the pleasure to own. Its roaring 4.2 V8 engine puts out 444hp and has achieved 0-60MPH in 4.2 seconds! It's a fast car, to say the least. It's one of the best-maintained RS5s out there with a full Audi service history, carbon clean, injector clean...
  2. Scarecrow

    Bit of an odd reply...

    Just in case anyone has seen this car for sale... Don't bother, I dropped the seller a message with a few reasonable questions and this was his response...
  3. M

    WANTED Audi S3 with virtual cockpit

    Looking for a Audi S3 in blue or black under 43k mileage preferably 5 door may consider 4. Must haves: virtual cockpit B&O Auto Sensors looking to spend £22500 will consider other specs for right price but virtual is a must
  4. T

    Saying goodbye to my A3 - Who wants parts ?

    Hello all, I am finally saying goodbye to my A3, but not selling it, the reasons for this is because my good friend has the same AXX 2.0TFSI engine and has pinched my cams. well I say pinched, I gave them to him. if anyone would like to buy some parts from it, I’m more than happy to sell them...
  5. H

    Audi A3 1.8TFSI Black Edition 5Dr *engine misfire*

    Hi all! I am selling my Audi A3 as it has developed a misfire and I can't afford to run it! The car is on finance so will need to be cleared. Any help will be much appreciated on best places to sell as I really am looking for the best price. The car is in great condition otherwise...
  6. Sandip

    Wanted Audi A4 B5, 2.8 OR TQS

    As above, if anyone has a B5 2.8 Quattro or TQS they are planning on selling send me a PM.
  7. Matty_

    Facelift Selling my S3

    Unfortunately, the time has come to be an adult and buy a house which means my S3's time has come to move on. How have people fared when selling theirs on Auto Trader and the likes? Does anyone have any recommendations for where to list it? 2018 Ara Blue S-tronic. Virtual Cockpit, SS Seats...
  8. T

    RECON Turbo

    Hello, So for a 2.0tfsi A3. 06F145701H - Part number, how much would a reconditioned one sell for? I’m looking at selling mine and I’m just curious of some prices. Thanks
  9. Luke Buchan

    Sold Audi A4 (B8) 2.0 Tdi S-Line - Performance Diesel Tuned by Darkside Developments (UK)

    For sale is my Audi A4. Im selling as its time to upgrade to a new s4! I purchased the car back in 2014 with 29k on the clock. It now sits at an average 79,000 for its age. Most of this has been motorway mileage due to work commitments. She is my daily driver so will be rising slowly too. This...
  10. R

    I’m in a dilemma re my 2007 155000 miles Audi A4 s-line special edition Quattro 2.0 turbo B7.

    Hi guys I’m in a dilemma re my 2007 155000 miles Audi A4 s-line special edition Quattro 2.0 turbo B7. Great drivers car in decent good condition overall normal scratch’s small dents stone chips alloys paint worn, no mods on car, leather seats, Xeon lights, Audi navigation plus, six cd changer...