1. L

    2008 s5 seats

    Im looking to buy a 2008 s5, car is imaculate but I dont like the white leather seats. How often do good condition black leather seats come up for sale? Or do newer model s5 or a5 seats fit?
  2. T

    Q7 Confusion with Seat options (UK)

    Hi All I am currently after a 4M Q7. Looking at 2016-2018. I seen one on eBay, which was listed as a “SQ7 replica”, but what really interested me was that it had the Vorsprung Diamond Stitched seats. They did not have massage or ventilation though. It was a standard S-Line 3.0 TDI. I can...
  3. B


    Hello, Ive just brought an 14 A3 se ive been looking at half leather i believe there s3 seats would it be as simple to just unbolt and unplug my current seats and put the new ones in. Rob
  4. Matija

    Manual Seat Swap To S line Seats

    Hello. Did anyone do a seat swap from his "stock" manual seats on his A4 B6 to the S line seats, also B6 (Manual, only lumbar support is electric). If yes, did you have any problem with the lumbar support that is electric? How did you put the wires together, did you have the jack for it? Any...
  5. Róbert Piller

    S5 B8 seats in A4 B6

    Guys, I would greatly need some help from you. I have an Audi A4 B6 and bought seats out of Audi S5 B8. They are fully electric and heated. It was a direct bolt in, I chopped the airbag connector and connector for electric movement and rewire them to new one so they work and they do. That´s...
  6. W

    Will 2013 Audi Seats Fit In My 2008 Audi

    Hi All As above really, will the seats below fit in my Audi S3 2008 model. Thanks!
  7. B

    Clunking noise coming from driver's seat

    I've recently bought a new S3, which is now with 2,000 KM's. In the last few days I've noticed a clunking sound coming from the driver's seat when accelerating or braking. The sound disappears for a while when I adjust the seat back, but it tends to come back afterwards. I haven't contacted...
  8. KillerQ7

    Q7 RS6 Seats in a Q7 4L?

    Does anyone know if RS6 Seats will fit in a Q7 4L? I am thinking of doing it and wondered if it's possible and will other memory and heating etc work?
  9. Bradneyyyy

    Facelift Water coming into car when opening doors

    Had my A3 nearly 12 months now. But up until now I haven't experienced this issue previously. When it's rained... light or heavy. When I come to open either driver or passenger door water is running in and onto the seats!!! Has anyone else had this problem with their Facelift model? I'm...
  10. L

    Help replacing my A3 seats

    I live in Essex and have recently bought a 15 plate Audi A3 TDI SE Technik. I love the car but I'm on the verge of having sell it because the drivers seat is killing me. The sides are digging into my legs because it's quite bucketed. I've tried everything but I'm in agony. I'd really like...
  11. Asa Mansfield

    A4 B8 S line interior into A4 B7 Avant ???

    Hey, Been looking at interior/Seats for the Audi, I have a Audi A4 B7 2.0 TDI S line AVANT which has the light grey interior which I seem to be constantly cleaning due to having 2 very young children. I really like the Audi A4 B8 S Line half leather seats but want to know if someone have...
  12. EmmaDilemma

    Sline recaro seats vs Golf mk4

    Help! I have to make a choice and quick, I've already arranged to pick the the golf's up but come across some slides at the same price 300, and don't know what to do! The golf's are an hour away and come from a 5dr. Heated. The slines are from a 3dr and are also heated. I've been sent a link...
  13. S

    Dye coming off leather seats :(

    Just dyed the leather seats on our audi a3 on friday using gliptone scuffmaster. All looked well after I had done it. I do feel I put a little too much on the outer panel facing the pillar but then again no one will be sitting on that area so I wasn't too fused. I have just conditioned them...
  14. rcnacura

    What other OEM Audi seats fit our 8V?

    So I have the slippery leather standard seats. I'm fairly tall 6'2 and thought the car I bought had the sport seats... long story short, it had nothing - live and learn. Well I wanted to get the sport seats mainly for the thigh support since my legs start to ache/cramp on long drives since the...
  15. J

    Do A1 seats fit in A3

    Hi , I'm looking to upgrade my interior and wanted to know if anyone's tried putting A1 seats in and A3 ? I'm trying to use A1 seats as I've found there a considerable amonut cheaper. Thanks j