1. B

    A3 8V heated seat wiring

    Hi guys, I have bought S-Line, manual, heated seats from a 2015 A3. I would like to install these seats in a Land Cruiser and use the heated feature. Do you know if it is possible to wire the seats to my Toyota loom? I have a factory plug (Toyota) available under the seats with a positive HIGH...
  2. hebdenwill

    seat fabric 2001 8L?

    Hi all, does anyone know if there is, somewhere on the car, a sticker (like for the paint, spec codes etc) which tells you what kind of fabric your seats are made of? I was thinking of having my driver's side seat bolster foam replaced and re-upholstered but would like to use the correct...
  3. DarknessKing

    Audi A4 b7 seat don't Se

    Hello so I buy this Audi and the seat don't move I check all the fuze I check the 4 wire connector that go in the switch and I have only 0,77v not 12v Do you no what it is?
  4. LaSource

    For Sale New Turbocharger and manifold 2.0 TFSI 200bhp Audi TT ; Passat B6 ; Seat Leon BWA BPY 06F145701G

    I believe it should fit many different VAG cars. However you need to do your own research for fitment to your vehicle. Manufacturer Part Number: 06F145701H ; 06F145701G ; 06F145701D ; 06F145701E ; K03-0105 Part Manufacturer Number: rs9848598484 Reference OE/OEM Number: 53039700086 ...
  5. yoyobang

    Seat adjustment handle replacement

    Hello! Seat adjustment handle (passenger seat) was broken when I bought my car (Audi A3 8P sportback 2011). Is it replacable? If is, how? Thanks
  6. RGC

    Can't find the front crash sensor seat leon mk2

    Hi all been trying to locate the front airbag crash sensor on a 2006 seat leon mk2, I have checked online and it shows it to be down near the front lights or behind the grill near the bonnet catch but it is no where to be found, could some on shed some light on this problem as it's very...
  7. luistlopez

    Help! I need to repair one of my seats.

    Hi! I'm new in this forums and I have not been able to find a thread treating this topic, only threads about problems with sliding and tilting of the seats, which are not the case. Last saturday I broke the handle that is located on the co-pilot shoulder in order to move the seat and allow...